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  • My husband and i have been married 24 years and together for 27 years total.  6 months ago We have renegotiated our marriage  to be Ds and have crossed into 24/7, as Ds is now template through which we communicate and define our relationship.

    I would really LOVE to converse with other subs and Ds married or long term commitment couples who have m…[Read more]

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  • I understand. My husband/daddydom found the book The Loving Dominant very helpful As he is not by nature a domineering person.  We are in month 6 of our Ds journey and it definitely takes time and experiment and above all communication… we talk about our Ds dynamic 2-3x a week and we review our contract monthly because so much changes as we…[Read more]

  • Hi! Thanks, Yes. But that’s definitely not my bag! Not yet…. we are not ready for in person meet ups yet, and i Deactivated my fetlife acct….. too much of too much if you know what i mean. LOL

  • Hello all I am mostly a lurker but i am an active follower of missy and HL. We are into our sixth month of our Ds-M dynamic and about a month ago fell into  DaddyDom/ baby girl relationship that has felt more natural for us. As we have explored our Ds experiences, we have found the one thing hardest to resolve is Community. So i am hoping to use…[Read more]

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  • Thanks much. Wondering too… more along the lines responses of  friends and family from those who have discussed with them

  • Hi all! Pretty new here, was here for the wax chat and i lurk a bit! My Sir and I are new to Ds ( about two months in), been together 26 years, married 23. Ds is exactly who we want to be ….we have played with some BDSM kink for years but the power exchange element  is new ( in and out of the bedroom) and it has revolutionized our communication…[Read more]

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    • This my be of interest to you.

      Lords and Ladies Walk

      Sunday, Sep 6, 2020, 11:00 AM

      Online event

      9 Members Attending

      We are dedicated to gallantry and good conversation. Gentlemen take their partners for the first section of the walk and direct the conversation, then ladies take over – and so on. For our first walk, we go from Richmond Bridge to Kingston Bridge. Let me know if youy plan to come, and if you would like me to book you a place for lunch at Bills at…

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