Meeting My Master For the First Time

Meeting My Master For the First Time

Shortly after beginning our relationship, an opportunity presented itself for my Master to visit me for a few days in May. Tentative plans were made and we hoped for the best. As May drew closer, plans and dates were confirmed and His flight was booked. I would be meeting my Master in person for the first time. Then the parade of emotions began: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, fear.

We would have four full days and nights together, and I was excited and terrified at the same time. I had no idea what to expect or how I was to behave in my Masters presence. How was I supposed to greet Him? Did I ask permission to sit? To eat? Where did I walk, beside or behind Him? These and a million other questions flooded my mind. I started a thread in our Training Room where I could ask questions and my Master could leave instructions for me. We practiced submissive positions during play sessions and my Master posted videos with examples for me to watch. I wanted to know as much as I could so I wouldn’t make mistakes. I wanted our visit to be perfect.

Anticipation and Anxiety

The weeks leading up to our visit were filled with equal parts anticipation and anxiety. After weeks of playing on camera, I would finally be able to feel my Master’s touch, feel His breath on my skin, feel His body against mine. I would be able to touch Him, to take Him in my mouth and taste Him as I had dreamed of so many times. But there was also doubt. What if I wasn’t very good? It’s easy to talk a good game 2,500 miles away, but now I would have to back up the talk. My Master has had previous subs; how would I compare? Would I please Him or would He be disappointed? And of course, the big question, how would I handle the pain. Would I be able to tolerate enough to satisfy His sadistic needs? These thoughts warred with each other as the weeks passed, and while I was not able to banish them completely, I was able to push the worry aside enough to enjoy the excitement and anticipation of soon meeting my Master in person.

Meeting My Master

I’ll be completely honest here, I don’t remember a lot about the first few hours. Well, I remember them, they are just all mixed up and out of order. What I can tell you, without a doubt, is that from His first touch, my Master set my soul on fire. With my body pressed against the wall, His hand around my throat and His voice in my ear, I wanted to give Him every part of me, and over the next four days, I did.


I will include this for my friends at The Safewords Club. I am known for forgetting to use my honorifics. I received my first two punishments within 32 minutes of each other, both for forgetting to use honorifics. I made it an hour and a half into our visit before missing my first honorific.

The Good

We had a “list” of things we wanted to do while my Master was here, and I think we accomplished most of them. Bondage was big on our list since it is something I can’t do to myself. PuppetMaster used a variety of items including handcuffs, over-the-door cuffs and rope. He tied my hands to a hook in the ceiling, He tied me in a loose hogtie, He tied me to the bed and left me in a forced orgasm harness. He did a very elaborate bondage tie on me, from head to feet, that was beautiful, made more so because He researched it because I was curious about it.

My Master brought some of His pain toys, His floggers Thud and Masters Pleasure, His crop and His paddle. We experimented with several of them, as well as some of the nipple toys I have. Master finally got to play with all of the pleasure toys that He has only been able to watch me use, and I was able to experience curling into my Master’s body for comfort after an intense scene or powerful orgasms. Master got to see some of the beautiful lingerie He has bought for me, and CruelPuppetMaster had the pleasure of paddling the sass out of a very naughty schoolgirl.

The Better

PuppetMaster brought a collar for me, though it is not my permanent collar. I loved the feeling of it against my skin and the weight of it was a comforting reminder of my Masters ownership of my body. I am His slave, He is my Master. I was honored to serve Him during His visit. I washed Him and toweled Him dry. I showered with Him, and for Him. I made His coffee in the mornings, served Him His meals. I sat at His feet in my collar and leash. At bedtime, I turned down the bedding for Him and waited for permission to join Him. I submitted to His control in every way, and I loved it, I wanted it.

The Best Part

There were so many amazing things about meeting my Master in person, but the best part for me was simply being with Him. We talked and laughed. We shared pictures of our families and our pets. We ate waffles and pizza and seafood. We watched movies. We joined the Safewords chats together and discussed them while we chatted. He hugged me often, holding me against Him. We stayed up late, slept in and even took a nap together. (No judgment people, we are both over 50 and naps rock!) At night, I slept next to my Master, sometimes snuggled against Him and others just holding His hand, but knowing when I woke the next morning, He would be there.

All Good Things

The four days passed very quickly, and we packed an enormous amount of fun into them. It is always hard saying goodbye, but I am thankful for the time we had together. It far exceeded any expectations I had. My Master is a smart, funny, caring man and it is my honor and my pleasure to serve Him. Meeting my Master in person was an amazing experience, and I am already counting the days until His next visit.

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6 thoughts on “Meeting My Master For the First Time

    1. Thank you vix. You have been very instrumental in that growth. In fact, I wouldn’t even be here if not for your encouragement to stay in the first place. It is a journey, and I continue to learn every day.

  1. YOU are a wonderful writer, I see and feel your joy, wonderment, your experiences because of your writing, in my head trough your writing.
    I was delighted to read of your ages (nothing against the younger crew ☺️) as I just hit the 52 mark at beginning of May.

    I have been learning, reading, classes (just since pandemic) 2015. Dabbled in a few things, people, entered into an online D/s dynamic in Oct 2019. (I have since realized that I have been at the very least treated badly, at the outside abusively, days of silence)
    PLEASE keep writing your Beautiful experiences.
    I will say that you and the other bloggers I have chosen to follow are all great writers and a source of inspiration to me.


    1. Nonya, thank you so much for your kind words. They really mean so much to me. I am glad that my feelings make it through my writing to you. That is what I hope for as I write each blog.

      I hate hearing that your experience has been a negative one. Sometimes the Dom we find is just not the right one for us. And yes, sometimes they hide abuse behind the domination label. Are you a member of The Safewords Club? If not, I encourage you to check it out. There are wonder people there in all types of dynamics and you may be able to determine where your relationship really lies and if it’s what you want and is meeting your needs. At the very least, you will find support and information.


  2. CSP,
    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I thought I was a member, following for about a year now, lol, that is how I found you……. ☺️
    I sent a request for membership into the submissive group, unfortunately was turned down.
    I will have to say though, if it’s not obvious, although I try to keep up with ‘new’ techno types of things, I was late to the game. So in regards to the sub club on Safewords, that turn down could be due to I used a different name in the request than the one I interact with, I changed phones (most strange phone switch ever, bc not all my stuff came over), or for none of those reasons., Lol.

    I won’t bend your eye (ear, lol) further, today…


    1. Nonya, that was totally my fault and I apologize. If the profile doesn’t list the member as a sub, I send a message asking for more information just to be certain. If I don’t hear back, I don’t approve the request, so I may have missed sending or missed your reply. But I have sent you an invite to the group, so once you accept, you are automatically approved.


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