Little Me

*Each little is different and there is no one right way to be little. I am describing my little self and the things I do and like when I’m little.*


My little self is very fluid. I can go between being little and being big pretty quickly. I was a responsible child who never grew all the way up. My little age range is preschool to preteen. If we are doing fun things I’m more likely to be little. Serious discussions and tasks make me big. Some littles age regress and have to ease into and out of little space; for me it’s more like flipping a light switch off and on. When I’m little I can be happy or sad but if I get overwhelmed by stressful emotions I’m big. Happiness and excitement bring out the little in me even if she has to remain in stealth mode.


My little self dresses the same as my big self, jeans, t-shirts/knit shirts and tennis shoes, the same as when I was a kid. I try to stay away from neutral colored shirts (unless I’m depressed). I prefer purple, pink, blue, green, and yellow, fun flower colors. I have lots of socks in pretty colors. I like when I can match my socks to my shirts. Sometimes I coordinate what I’m wearing with my hair. I love dying my hair fun colors like blue or pink or green or purple. And Daddy often helps me pick which hair color(s).


I love going to the zoo and the aquarium. It’s awesome to see all the animals and learn about their habitats. I like visiting natural history museums, learning about dinosaurs and ancient cultures. Science museums are great because they are often hands on with lots of activities and Daddy loves science. 


I’m addicted to my iPad. I like coloring apps, no pen and paper for me. I like the flexibility of trying out different colors before I commit. I like that I already have my pictures in an electronic form so I can post them to friends, flickr, and my blog. I can show Daddy my iPad or send him a picture. I love playing games – hidden object, match 3, jigsaw, and other puzzle games. I can write my posts on my iPad, chat with friends, watch movies and tv shows (keep grocery and to do lists but that big stuff).


I’m a hoarder. I like stuffies and have a bunch, my favorites are Ty Beanie Boos because they have big glittery eyes. I have to keep them in a lidded storage tub and the rest in a chest of drawers because my dog thinks I should share with her. I collect fleece blankets. I love the inexpensive lightweight ones because they can be layered and I can get a bunch, so many colors and patterns. They are stashed all over the house. I have two and a half screens of coloring apps for adults and kids. I use a couple the majority of the time but want the others just in case there is a neat picture to color. I collect dragons – figurines, stuffies, posters, books, electronic art, coloring pictures. I started when I was a teen and I love them. 


I adore fairy tales and fantasy books. When I’m feeling very small I like reading picture and easy reader books like Dr Seuss and P.D. Eastman. It’s awesome when I can get Mr Man to read to me because he does voices for the characters, but that doesn’t happen very often. I also enjoy reading middle grade and teen books. I loved the Tiffany Aching series set in Disc World by Terry Pratchett (Mr Man’s favorite author). I’ve found a few YouTube channels that read and show kids books and recount folktales to their watchers.


I’m a sexual little. This is not about paedophilia in any way. I’m a fully grown consenting woman. My Daddy is not interested in having sex with children or anyone legally underage. I’m a little girl with big girl holes. I feel sweet and innocent and naughty all at the same time. I love Daddy’s perverted fairy tales, warping traditional tales into erotic stories. I love the fantasy of being little (think a drop of Alice’s shrinking drink) and Daddy being so big that he fills and stretches me all the way up. I love sucking on Daddy during sex. Whether it’s his cock or his fingers, I get a bit orally fixated. 


We have played with diapers, onesies, and pacis. They are fun from time to time as a novelty but not something we regularly use. Daddy has found that occasionally controlling my potty privileges is hot. He denies me until I’m desperate (he’s put me in a diaper just in case) and then he sits me on the toilet and orders me to go. Enema play sometimes goes along with this. We both get a thrill from his control of me.


When I’m little my favorite words are yay! aww (for cute/nice or sad), lol, pease? thanks! yummy, DADDY!!!


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  1. I love this post Beth. It is so interesting to read more about how being little works for you and MM and I think it will be really helpful to others. I know I struggled to feel like it was a dynamic which fit but you make it clear that there is no right or wrong. Thank you for writing this. missy xx

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