Life Change

Life Change

As I look out the window on a bright sunny day, I notice the gentle breeze through the trees and wonder what it would feel like against my skin. The yearning inside me to go outside and experience it for myself is rivaled only by my desire to be a good girl. Master has instructed me to stay inside until His return. He claims it is so no one will take me from Him. He tells me that I am His most prized possession, but with that title I must bend to His will. Sir calls me His submissive. I am not sure what that means, but I know I want to make Him proud of me.

Six months ago, I started talking to a man that I matched with on Tinder. How did I end up here? Willingly bound to the confines of His house. I am not one to do as I am told. I am independent and do as I please, then why am I still inside? Why didn’t I leave when He asked me to research a Dominant/submissive relationship? When did things change for us?

It all started so normally. I will admit we moved fast, but it was fine I knew I was going to be taken care of. Our first date was perfect, and by the weekend I was staying at his place. I was moved in before we had been together for a month. I was swept away and fell quickly. The sex was amazing, and it got kinkier and rougher as our time together went on. He asked me to marry Him, and I accepted without a second thought. We got married, and things began to intensify in the bedroom. He started to spank me and slap me, and I was surprised when I wanted to do it more. I began to ask for things that even I didn’t know I wanted. Then one night changed it all.

As he is taking me from behind each thrust filling me more and more, I beg for him to pull my hair. As he yanks my head back, he whispers in my ear, all hot air and breathy, “What a naughty little whore you are becoming.” Lost in passion all I can do is moan louder with the pleasure I find my self wrapped in. He pulls his cock from me, and I moan in disappointment.

“Don’t worry whore I am not finished with you yet.” He says this as he chuckles.

I don’t know what I am supposed to do so I wait. I wait for what feels like an eternity. I can feel him behind me from the weight of the bed. I can also feel his eyes on me, they give me chills, and I can’t even see him. Finally, he leans down and starts kissing each butt cheek.

“I worship this ass,” He says, “I would love to stare it all day.”

I am so lost in the pleasure of his lips on my skin that I am not hearing what he is saying to me. Suddenly I hear a thwack and shortly after I feel the sting on my ass. He is spanking me.

“Do you want more?” He asks.

“Yes, please,” I moan back.

“Promise me you will tell me if it gets to be too much. I will go easy this time.”

“I promise,” I whisper.

He continues. I don’t know how long it lasted, but with each sting from his palm, I sink deeper into ecstasy. Then it stops. I want more, and I want it harder. He rubs my ass too soothe some of the sting. He then instructs me to roll onto my back. He spreads my legs how he wants them and kisses my forehead while he tells me that he loves me and what I am becoming sexually.

He takes my mouth with his and begins to kiss me hard and passionately. He is pouring everything he has into this. He abruptly shoves his tongue in my mouth, and I moan with pleasure as I feel his tongue massage mine. I know that soon he will not only be massaging my tongue but sucking on it hard. I am lost in the sensation of that kiss as well as the feeling of His body grinding on mine. His cock rubbing against my clit. He is teasing me, and I don’t think I can take much more, then he stops. He leaves a trail of kisses down my body and stops right at the apex of my thighs. He moves to the inside of my thigh and bites hard, I am sure there will be a bruise in a couple of hours. He begins to speak.

“I want to make you cum as you never have before.” He says.

This leaves me confused as every orgasm he has taken from my body has been more intense than the one before.

“How?” I pant still trying to regain my senses.

“You will see.”

He slides his fingers slowly inside of me. He pushes them so deep, and to a place, I have never felt before. “You are so fucking wet babygirl” is all I hear as I am emptying my mind to this new sensation. I can hear how wet I am as he starts to move his fingers. He teases my clit with his tongue, and I begin to wiggle and moan under the assault. He moves his fingers faster and removes his mouth. I feel something start to build inside me. This new sensation that is so immense it feels as if it is going to rip me apart and I panic.

“Don’t be afraid and relax into it.”

I do as I am told and let the sensation consume me. It continues to build, and I don’t know how much more I can take.

“Cum for me babygirl.”

Those words are all I need, and I let the orgasm flow through me. My muscles contracting hard. I hear Him moan and feel something splash up on to my face. He doesn’t stop, though. He is still punishing me with his fingers, and I am riding on this extended orgasm. It hurts but it feels so good. I am still getting splashed, and I begin to pinpoint what my body is doing. I realize he has made me squirt and done so continuously.

“Look at the mess you have made. You are such a good little whore to have completely soaked the bed. Now it is my turn to cum, and I am not going to be nice about it.” He growls as he plunges his cock into me hard.

I wrap my legs around his torso and hold on to the headboard for dear life. He is thrusting into me at an unforgivable pace, and there is nothing I can do about it. He moves his hand to my neck and applies pressure. A strangled moan slips from my lips. He is pushing me higher and higher I can feel my next orgasm building as I hear him start to moan and know that His is building as well. I move one hand from the headboard and brazenly slide it down my body until I find my clit, and I begin to apply hard and fast pressure. It is at that moment that we are both sent over the edge. He cums, and I can feel him filling me. I try to pull back my hand from my clit, and he tells me no. He tells me to cum again as he is still inside me. I continue to play with myself, and it is not long before I feel myself contract around his cock and I hear him moan again. He then collapses on top of me, and I pull my hand free and wrap my arms around him.

“I need a minute, and you need to start playing with yourself more while I am in you. “

We lay there as our breathing recovers, and He kisses my forehead. He rolls from me, and I get up, go to the restroom, and drink some water. I crawl back into bed and am welcomed with a wet spot. He laughs and I laydown anyways. He comes up close behind me. Wrapping me closer into his body with his arms. He kisses the back of my head and tells me he loves me, and there will never be another person in his life after me.

It is at that moment that I know I am all his and that he is all mine. It is at that moment that I knew I would do anything he asked me too.

I come back to reality no longer lost and that delicious memory and smile because that is when everything changed. That night was the night I become his submissive. Even though he wouldn’t formally ask me too for several months after that night.

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