Let’s Play Pretend

Role Play allows you to be someone else or within an environment you might otherwise not be. It can be exciting seeing yourself and your partner in a different way. It’s also a good excuse to put on the clothes in your wardrobe that you never thought you’d wear again.
What if I can’t act?
Roleplay can feel daunting. You don’t need to be a thespian actor, just open to trying new things. It feels weird to begin with and that’s fine. You may laugh or break character but that doesn’t matter. As time goes by it becomes more natural.
What role play should we do?
That’s completely up to you. Discuss with your partner the types of play you might be interested in. You may be surprised what you may come up with. They can be as simple or complex as you want, it doesn’t matter.
Since having that conversation in our dynamic I will now choose the roleplay. Giving instructions in good time. I like to give a bit of back story to get an understanding of roles we are playing. This is also useful during play, I feel more comfortable as a character when I have more than enough information.
So how do I prepare? 
Roleplay is best when you know you have enough time to yourselves. You don’t want to feel rushed.
Depending on the type of play you’re doing. Here are my general tips.
How does the play start and end? You don’t want awkward looks when you don’t know if you’ve finished or not. This could be:
– A changing of collars as decided by the Dom.
– Entering/Leaving the defined boundaries of play.
– An action (particularly useful if the sub can’t talk, for whatever reason)
– If you feel uncomfortable or its getting too intense there is always a safeword.
Think about your environment. Depending on the type of play you’ve chosen create an atmosphere that adds to play. This could be the way the room is lit (candles/coloured lights etc). If the room is dark make sure you aren’t going to trip into something. There also are apps on your phone that may help. I’ve used a strobe light app to create a nightclub atmosphere. There are also background music apps, taking you to a busy restaurant, an abandoned basement or a seedy strip club.
Would the scene be improved with props? These could be bought or made. They don’t need to be professional. Anything that you feel may add to the scene helps you get into the right headspace.
After play is finished, discuss what elements you enjoyed and what could be improved.
Finally it’s important to have fun. The only limit is your own imagination.

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