Keeping Connected at Christmas ~ Advent Calendar 2021

Keeping Connected at Christmas ~ Advent Calendar 2021

Christmas can be a hard time to feel connected as it just seems to be so busy for many of us. Whether we are busy making preparations, dealing with family, or simply putting everything we have into looking after those around us, it can be tricky to make as much time as we should for ourselves or for each other. This was one of the reasons that I started my submissive advent calendar back in 2016. After that we moved to completing an advent calendar together and you can check out the things we have been up to over on submissy. Last year we mixed things up again by making our advent calendar a community project. This seemed to be really well received so we have set up the same format for this year with our Advent Calendar for 2021.

The SWC Kinky Advent Calendar 2021

As with last year, there is a forum thread with each of the ‘gifts’. Please feel free to adapt it to meet your own needs and dynamic. All we ask is that you let us know in a reply to the forum thread, what you have done. If you are a blogger then please feel free to blog about it and link back to The SWC. You can always use the badge at the bottom of the page too. The forum can be found here: Advent Calendar 2021.

Advent Calendar 2021 – Tasks

So without further ado, welcome to our Kinky Advent. Have a look and see what lies behind the doors and get planning for your own gift of giving.

  1. Advent Candles. Candles mark the start of advent so today is all about wax play. Create a festive design or just have fun.
  2. Eastern Promise of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Today’s gift is a massage with oil. Complete the task in any way that suits you but remember to let us know what you got up to.
  3. Wrapped up Nicely. Everything needs to be kept fresh for Christmas, however, cling film has other uses! Why not try some mummification or use more traditional wrapping to present yourself as a Christmas gift.
  4. Christmas Date Night. What could be better than to kink start the festivities this weekend with a Christmas themed date night. We can’t wait to hear about what fun you had.
  5. Naked Bake. The festive season is all about indulging and what could be more fun than adding a little bit of kinky spice to the preparations? If naked baking is not for you, then why not turn yourself into a festive treat to be enjoyed instead.
  6. Tinsel Time. Let’s get ourselves festively adorned! Find a creative way to show your Dominant or your submissive side by celebrating with tinsel.
  7. Christmas is all about worship so that is today’s theme. Interpret this as you choose but please share the details in the forum.
  8. 8 Things I Love About you – List 8 things about your special person that you love and (preferably) tell them ….. and us!
  9. Seasonal Spanking Set. We all love a pervertable. Today’s task is about giving a household object a seasonal touch and then putting it to use. 9 spanks all round? Or is that in multiples of 9?
  10. Christmas Kisses. You may not have any mistletoe handy but the focus for today is 10 minutes of kissing. We have set the duration, the location of your kisses is up to you.
  11. Are you being served? Today is all about serving so your task is to provide a sexy service for someone special.
  12. BDSM Checklist. Where we are now? In preparation for today’s chat, we go back over our BDSM Checklist and see what we have left in the way of limits. How have they have changed and what do you want to focus on for 2022?
  13. At Your Feet. The run up to Christmas can be really busy with a lot of rushing around. Today’s advent gift is about taking the weight off with a sensual foot massage. Relax and enjoy!
  14. 3 Wise Men. We know there are more than three wise Doms and and subs out there but this task is to come up with three pieces of wise advice. Oh and bring it to today’s chat so we can all learn from your wisDom.
  15. May all your dreams come true. Today your task is to fulfil a fantasy. How you interpret this will be up to you, but we look forward to hearing all the juicy details.
  16. Santa’s Christmas List. As advent runs into a holiday for many of us, we thought it would be a good idea to make a short list of the kinky, sexy things you would like to do together over the festive break. Remember not too be too greedy!
  17. Time for a Christmas Candy Caning. Whether you are going for the sweet treat or the impact version, show us your best D/s candy cane ideas.
  18. Reveal your Kink. Today we are asking you to reveal your kink (or one of them) in 3 cropped photos. Start small and then reveal more as you go to keep us guessing. Bring your pictures to the party tomorrow!
  19. Christmas Party. Join us at our SWC Christmas Party and don’t forget to bring your ‘Guess Our Kink’ pictures.
  20. Secure Those Reindeer. It is time for some rope play. Whether you are self-tying or being tied by another, today is about a little fun with rope.
  21. We Three Kings. Today is a day for Kings and Courtesans. We will leave this one up to your imagination but be sure to let us know what you do and how it goes.
  22. Seasonal Sensations. Today’s treat is to play with sensations. Whether you choose temperature, impact or something more sensory, today we enjoy those feels.
  23. Just the Buzz of Christmas. As things get busy we make some time for your favourite vibrating toy, and an early night to enjoy it of course. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
  24. Kinky Christmas. The final gift in our advent calendar is to find a way to celebrate a private kinky Christmas moment. Whether this involves the exchanging of presents or something more personal, tonight is about you.
  25. HAPPY CHRISTMAS – All that remains is to wish you all a very happy Christmas for all at the SafeworD/s Club. Thank you so much for joining in our advent celebration. We hope that you have had as much fun as we have and it has helped to put you in the festive mood.

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