My submission is the expression of my love and devotion for my husband. It is part of me and makes me whole. I consider it my responsibility to develop it; therefore, I am proactive in creating things that help me do that. 


One such implement is journaling. There are so many ways to journal and if you are a stationery addict like myself, it’s a wonderful excuse to buy a few new notebooks. Don’t forget to grab a new pen or eight while you are at it. 😉  


Another idea is the “slave journal”.  I saw this on submissiveguide and the original concept was a handbook or manual for tasks set by your Master. They had a place to record tasks as Master gave them so they would not forget. A designated spot for their to-do list. This could also be a place to include preferences. I started a list of brands that he likes that I need to remember. Most are in my head except for a few like the razor brand/style. That one I just can’t remember.


You may already have or be familiar with the household planner or control manual. If taking care of his household is your primary duty then the slave journal could take that form or you could do a separate one. Everything has the ability to take on a different meaning when it is your service to him.


I have a what I describe as a positivity journal. It is a place to keep quotes and things I have written that help me in my mindset. A lot is about my submission but also includes reminders for other aspects of my personality. My mantra is written in there a few times. I have song lyrics and a passage I wrote as a reflection on our first year. I have a page with quotes about patience and a page on comparing. On a day I was struggling Daddy sent me a text with an affirmation I was to read aloud a few times. What he wrote touched me so deeply that I recorded it in my journal to use whenever I needed.


I intend to spend more time adding to my positivity journal and make an effort to rely on it more. It should be a go to source when I need a boost to keep moving on this path. Developing tools that assist you when you aren’t at your submissive highest can make all of the difference.


4 thoughts on “Journaling as a Submissive Implement

  1. I also do a journal–almost daily! I chronicle my life, feelings and fantasies! It is different from my blog. Only my Queen reads my journal. Writing it is a submissive act. It is part of our contract and is a method of communication. I occasionally bring up difficult subjects there as a first step.
    My blog is different as I know some people will be reading it. Sometimes the content is similar though surprisingly often it is not.

  2. I really like the idea of your positivity journal Princess so I think I will start one myself – thanks for the tip. Now for a new notebook and pens ……… 🙂

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