It’s all yours Sir

It’s all yours Sir

It’s all yours

During day to day life we work in unison.  There is always a list of jobs to do as in every household.   We each have things that we are naturally better at and will work together to keep the list to a minimum.

Our formal power exchange takes place, before play, in the bedroom so to speak.  Although technically we could be anywhere in the house, hotel, wherever.
I feel safe, excited, nervous, calm, strong and loved when this exchange takes place.  (Funnily enough most of these are the feelings I get when I come home to Sir.) Some of these feeling contradict each other but then I guess that could just be me.
I am safe.  No matter where we are or what we are doing Sir will look after me.  Doing as much as he can to keep me safe emotionally and physically.
I am excited and nervous for the fun we are about to have.  The 2 emotions balancing each other.  The nerves balancing the excitement, stopping me jumping up and down squealing like a kid in a sweet shop.  The excitement balancing the nerves, stopping me running out of the door as I am excited to stay and see how play is going to pan out.
I am calm.  Submitting to Sir completely, brings a calm over me.  During this time I have nothing to worry about and all I need to think about is what he says and what to do to please him.
I am strong.  Although I am handing power over to Sir, it somehow makes me feel strong.  I can’t figure out why, kneeling there all vulnerable, I feel proud, kneeling tall and feeling strong?
I am loved.  I feel this all day every day. (Maybe even when I annoy him lol).
I like the formality of kneeling in front of him, before play will start.  Acknowledging that I’m his, he knows it, i know it. I have butterflies in my tummy.  I take a few steadying breaths and relax my shoulders.  He gives me time to settle before moving towards me or speaking to me. Letting our heads adjust to this exchange before we can commit to play.
This is our formal power exchange.

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