We are really pleased that so far we have had lots of members come along to support the chats. They have been going very well with lots of lively discussion about a variety of D/s related topics. Doms and subs alike have been able to engage with others and learn and share with them.

We realise that due to other commitments some of you may find it tricky sometimes to make the open chats or the topic chats and so we have introduced some new forums so that you can still discuss aspects of Domination and submission with fellow members. 

We have created forums under key headings to get us started, but are sure that members will have their own thoughts of what to add as the site grows, and can let us know in the Suggestions  forum.  Having the forums will also mean that more of the expertise and knowledge and information that is being shared in the chats, can now be stored in a format that is accessible to all. 

Please have a look, reply to a thread, or start a new topic.

As of this week, we also plan to have a Weekly Discussion Thread; the topic will be started on a Monday and will then be closed on the following Sunday. This will mean that members can still view the discussion at a later date, although they would not be able to add to it after that week. We hope that this will encourage people to contribute and also to encourage new members to the site. 

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