How To Install A Ceiling Mount

How To Install A Ceiling Mount

I have been interested in having a suspension point in the bedroom for sometime now. I was envious of those who managed to get their bedrooms ‘pimped’ for play, and hoped I would one day be able to rig something up!

As luck would have it I saw on line a ceiling mount for exercise bands. It certainly looked study and most boasted a load capacity of 800lbs. The ceiling probably couldn’t hold that, but in all honesty a baby elephant weighs 200lbs and missy would only be the equivalent to the trunk!  So with thanks to Amazon a ceiling point arrived, quickly followed by a lot of internet time to see how to fix one to the ceiling. I soon realised that a lot of people have concrete ceilings, well according to the instructions I found!  Timber framed houses built in 1969 were not listed.  In the end I improvised and found something similar for a 1970’s hanging chair. Similar principle, however, I upgraded the plan to carry more weight by spreading the load.

A few things that I learnt when carrying out the installation that is not seen in the attached video:

  1. Make sure you take all the tools you need with you into the roof space. It’s a hassle getting in and out.
  2. I purchased two steel bars when in fact I only needed one. The first mount I viewed had four holes, the one I bought has two.  I planned to use two bars for extra load spread.  I have a spare bar now!
  3. Have a second pair of hands with a spanner to hold the nuts in place in the bedroom when finishing off. It save a lots of time.
  4. Do not tighten the nuts too much as it will crack the plaster in your ceiling. Just be careful.

So that’s about it really. The video tells the tales better that I!

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