How I told my husband I wanted a Daddy

It was very early on in our D/s, through my reading and chatting with others I was discovering more of myself and found I had a desire to call him Daddy.  It just seemed to fit so much nicer than Sir.  I started calling him Daddy in my head but I could not say it out loud. The thought of telling him scared me more than telling him I wanted D/s. I was really afraid it would weird him out.


I consulted with another little that was a “leader” elsewhere and I was advised Not to tell him. She suggested that it would be much better to just focus on the D/s dynamic for a while before bringing up the Dd/lg. I knew that just wasn’t right and I’m glad I followed my instinct rather than her advice.


I figured I would email him. That way if the idea totally shocked him I wouldn’t have to see his face and he would have time to compose himself before we talked. So I sent him an article written by Kayla and her Daddy. It gives a great intro to both sides of the DD/lg dynamic. I wanted him to read it and process it before we talked.  

He responded asking if I was sending him it just for knowledge or if I identified this way. I told him I thought I identified with it.


When we sat down to talk about it I was SO nervous but it was unnecessary. Like he has done with all of this he said he accepted it as part of me. He said that if he denied what was inside of me then he would not be the husband he wanted to be. Ultimately finding the Dd/lg was a turning point for us. We had finally found our niche.


The original article I sent him.

This one is good too.

This article really helped steer me toward the dynamic.

My blog  😉

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  1. Courage is a word bandied about, but it does take courage to lay ourselves bare and trust that we will not alienate, scare off, or worse–disgust our partners. Yet to have a fulfilling life, it is must do behaviour. I’m so glad it worked out for you. I hope the two of you continue to grow together

    • Vulnerability is required for the level of intimacy we are looking to achieve. It has been over two years and it continues to be a thriving part of our relationship. ❤️

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