Holidays are coming

Holidays are coming

Yay, holidays are coming but wait…  Usually we have a couple of afternoons to ourselves each week, to do what we want, be as noisy as we like, but with the school holidays comes a temporary stop to our afternoon fun.  A 6 week summer school holiday is a long time to tone down the volume.  Each year, with a change scenery, in the form of a family holiday, we take what fun we can get, when we can get it, ready to spring into action as opportunities present themselves.  I enjoy our summer holidays, a time to relax and let the sun warm my bones, making memories with the people I love.  HOWEVER this year will be particularly challenging as our oldest child, T1, has completed their GCSE exams and has a total of 12 weeks off before starting college.
An extra 6 weeks !
Oh my lord !
So what will we do?
Lots of walks?
Sit and rock gently in the garden? Haha
??  Is it too much to ask T1 to make themselves scarce for at least 1 afternoon per week during the 1st 6 weeks just while the younger child, T2, is still at school ?  T1 is old enough to understand mummy and daddy need alone time and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be in the house listening to us having our alone time (even if we tone it down to no impact). Would we want to put it out there so obviously?  It’s definitely one to think about.
As I write this I do realise again how lucky we have been to have had these afternoons for the last 6 years.  And I guess it becomes our normal for the rest of the year, and taken for granted, that is until holiday times.
Quiet fun can still go ahead, collar, cuffs, kneeling, sucking, fucking etc, however the pain I will be feeling over the coming weeks will be different, sort of toned down, more short and sharp as opposed to a building up, feeling the warmth spread and feeling thoroughly used and fucked on many levels.   I assume, as in previous holiday times, play will alter with plenty of focus on breasts, nipples and sensitive areas being pinched, pulled, scratched and bitten with less spanking, slapping, flogging going on.  All good fun though and the sneaking around and being quiet adds to the excitement.  This is nothing new for our summer holidays, they come every year and play changes due to the lack of privacy and lack of clothing worn in a warmer country, but as I say this year is 6 weeks extra.
I will miss our uninterrupted, noisy afternoon fun over the next 12 weeks but as Sir says it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  I will embrace the time spent together as a family, as I don’t know how many more family holidays we will all go on together (although I feel that as long as we are paying, they are going lol).  Yes times are changing and it’s up to us to move on and evolve with these changes.  Where there’s a will (and there is definitely a will from both of us) there’s definitely a way.
Here’s to us all having (extended) happy holidays.

7 thoughts on “Holidays are coming

  1. Happy Holidays! It does sound like you’ll have to organise something to have some free time. It can be easy to feel a drop if you can’t connect like you want to.

    “Rock gently in the garden” made me laugh ?

    1. We usually find ways around this. It’s not forever (it will just feel like it)

      Rocking is highly under-rated, Although you have to be careful where you do it as it can be frowned upon lol

  2. It can be challenging when there is a brea in your usual routine but it sounds like you have spoken about this and come up with other ideas for keeping the connection and the intimacy which is great. Sounds like a well thought out and sound plan to me ?

    1. I think I had been focusing on what we won’t be doing when I should have been thinking about what we could be doing. Positive attitude and Patience and new Perspective 🙂

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