Happy New Year

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to thank you all very much for your continued support with The SafeworD/s Club. It was always our intention that this should be a community which was defined by the members and you have all helped in establishing a place which is welcoming, inclusive and supportive. It has been brilliant to see such a diverse group who have been willing to give up their own time, experience and knowledge to become involved and share with others. 


We have been very fortunate to be supported by friends of old, and also to meet new people who have become friends through their contributions on the site. We have gone from this being a bit of a dream of ours to have a place to come and chat, to it being a lively community in just six months and you have all played a part in that. We moved quite quickly from having open chats twice a week to a lounge where you can often find someone who is happy to chat about all things D/s. We also moved from one scheduled topic chat a week to another, hosted by Emily, which was at a time more suited to our friends across the pond. These topic chats have been well supported and have allowed people to share and learn from others. 


Chat topics have focussed both on the relationship aspect of D/s and also on the play aspect and have included: spanking, active submission, rules and rituals, D/s and the holidays, the munch, primal play, bondage and restraint, planning a scene, subspace, impact play, D/s breakdown, impact toys and techniques, toy show and tell, sub drop and Dom drop, anal play, keeping safe, oral sex, orgasm control, voyeurism, squirting orgasms, masturbation, breath play, respect, accountability, food play, mindfucks, nipple play, consensual non-consent, D/s from a distance, D/s and mental health, prostate play, building a D/s dynamic and kinky Christmas! 


We have not only been lucky enough to have Emily leading the Wednesday night chats but have also had Cuiplash and kisungura as guest speakers on a Tuesday. This is something that we would really like to encourage and do more of, so if there is a topic which you have some experience in and would like to share that, then please just let us know and we can add it to the calendar, either as part of the programme of topic chats, or as a stand alone item. I cannot stress enough that none of us are claiming to be experts in any one topic or the other; the role is more to facilitate discussion on a topic to allow those present to ask questions and share their experience, rather than to be ‘teaching’. Although saying that, we usually come away having learnt something from others or with ideas and thoughts about what we might like to try next!


Quite early on we were able to host a little chat which runs every second Wednesday. This has been hosted by Emily, Beth, Princess and LittleLove and they have done a great job spreading their little wisdom and enthusiasm through the topic chat, followed by a party. They always have a theme as well as a topic and we are pleased that we are a site where all dynamics can be welcomed and even given their own space so that they can meet and chat with other like-minded people. More recently, we have been able to add a book-group which is hosted by Miriam, Slars and Chicken Chick. Although so far we are only two chats in, this is something which lots of members have shown an interest in and it is something else which we feel lucky to have as part of the site. It is great to have members come forward and help the site to grow by initiating something which is new and will appeal to others so, again, if anyone would like to become more involved by starting a group or a chat, then please get in touch.


Although we started with the focus mainly on chat, we were encouraged by members to add forums, so that those who could not, or didn’t want to, take part in the chats were still able to be involved. The forums contain some great information and are slowly growing. They cover a range of topics and are themed so that members can find information and ask questions if they are seeking advice. There are a lot of great resources, recommendations and suggestions posted there and we really appreciate those who have taken the time and effort to share their thoughts in that way as it is a lasting resource which other members can dip in and out of as and when required. Most of the forums now contain at least a thread or two and it is brilliant to see them filling up. 


Last to come really was the blog. It started as more of a noticeboard for the chat topics but, again through suggestion, we were encouraged to add a space where people could share more lengthy pieces of writing than the forum allows. Like the forums, the blog posts are categorised thematically and the idea really is that this stands as a resource, especially for members who are newer to D/s and want to find information on various topics. Although still relatively small, the blog too is growing and we have posts on building a D/s dynamic, play, scenes and kink, living a D/s lifestyle, DD/lg as well as the community and what’s on posts.  Recently we have added a fiction section, so thanks to Dean for posting his little bedtime stories and twisted fairy tales there. Writing for the blog doesn’t have to be new and we know that many of you out there, like ourselves, are writing for your own blogs so if you have any posts which you think would be useful or helpful to others then feel free to post a copy here and just add that it was originally posted on your site. 


It is never easy to start something new and this has only been possible with help from all of you. Behind the scenes has been no different and although we have been on a crash course in site building and management we have been ever grateful for the super duper IT skills of Mister Man, who thankfully gets off on fixing a problem into the small hours, so we owe a big thanks to him too. As 2017 moves into 2018, this is an area where we hope to make some improvements so hopefully things will run more smoothly in terms of communication from now on. As a member, unless you unsubscribe, you should get regular newsletters to let you know what is going on and emails for blog posts and site activity. If this is not the case, then let us know and we will look into why. 


So in terms of the new year, we hope that you will continue to use and enjoy the site and to make it your own. If you have joined and not been able to come along much so far, then we really hope that we can tempt you back and see more of you this year. We realise that things can move slowly when they are in their infancy but we feel pleased with what the past six months has brought and are excited to see where things go over the next year.  We would love to hear from you about suggestions of things that we could do to improve or develop the site or things that you would like to see and there is a contact page as well as a suggestions thread in the forums. 


So from both of us, a huge and heartfelt thank you for all that you have done in making The SafeworD/s Club the place that it is. We look forward to chatting with you soon and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. 


“Happy Hogmanay” as they say in our neck of the woods. HisLordship and missy xx

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Thank you for creating a fun environment! Daddy and i really love coming here! Happy new year!!

  2. A little late …. busy busy !! You guys have rocked it !! May this year be the best DsMarried yet! Wish our hours matched better … we have been having Live chats. It’s awesome ! Sir Tex will speak again this year at 21 in Flordia We miss u both SirTex ^^

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