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    • Exploring books that have underlying connections to D/s

    Ground rules

    General expectations

    A. Book discussions will be held via 2 modes

    1. Fortnightly 1hr chats in the library

    • We estimate that we’ll be discussing 3 chapters every 2 weeks
    • You’re welcome to participate in The Library chat even if you haven’t got the book/haven’t read it, however the person hosting the chat will try to keep the discussion on topic.
    • You’re not obligated to come to every chat.
    • At the end of every chat we’ll ask people for feedback.

    2. Forum with the book’s name

    • Feel free to post your thoughts/comments on the book in the appropriate topic (with the Book’s name)
    • The discussion can continue here (in the appropriate topic thread) at any time!

    B. Book suggestions

    • Document book suggestions for future chats in the ‘Book suggestions’ topic
    • We are hoping to consider books that have connections with D/s in order to improve as Dom/subs 🙂
    • If you do suggest a book please consider if you would like to lead a book club chat!

    C. Feedback

    • Please feel free to post feedback/comments/suggestions/questions in the ‘feedback’ topic as well
    • Alternatively, please feel free to contact any one of the admins (cc,  slars or myself) privately.
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