GodeMiche Offbeat Grande

GodeMiche Offbeat Grande

Being someone who has never used a hand held ‘manual’ masturbator before I was definitely up for trying something new. Having seen Godemiche products online in bright colours I was hoping the device would be the same, and I wasn’t disappointed!

The packaging was both simple and functional which I really liked. I am not a lover of masses of plastic and cardboard when it really isn’t needed. The carbon footprint on this little tube to house the device is both practical for delivery and storage after use. On opening the lid I was surprised to find the device was a bright gold colour and dropping it into my hand made me want to give it a good squeeze. It felt really nice and I knew straight away that my cock would be safe with this soft and squidgy fellow!

One of the downsides of masturbation is always going to be friction and numbness. This little device, with a drop of lube, stopped all of that even after prolonged used. I would even go as far to say that the material used in the OffBeat Grande didn’t produce much heat when working back and forth, which can be the problem you face getting friction issues using traditional methods.

I should point out that I was provided with the toy and asked to trial this item and give some direct development feedback which I was happy to do at the time. This particular review was not part of the terms of use and is only being done because I actually love this little item! Looking at the current price I would say it is great value for money and I say that because the user is likely to go back again and again to use it. In addition, the company is home grown and as such the post sales support is scaled to meet the customer’s needs which is always a positive in my books.

This silicone masturbator suits anyone with a penis and spare working hand, however, it doesn’t have to be the penis owner’s hand! This can be both a solo or joint activity and in my opinion will certainly bring new sensations to sexual activity and play for all users.

One thing that has always niggled me is the mess lube can make when masturbating. Prior the arrival of the OffBeat Grande I might have used a wand attachment for a penis which involves a lot more time to set up, and clear up. With the OffBeat the preparation and clear up is quick and simple! Take it off, wash the outside, turn it inside out and repeat. Job done!

I would certainly recommend this to a friend for all the reasons previously listed. It can take a lot less effort to produce an orgasm, or you can really string yourself out with it; the sensations can really make your toes curl!

Godemiche produce these lovely 100% silicone, hand poured masturbators in two sizes. The Grande which is 5cm in length and is great for contact around the head of the penis, and the Venti which is 10cm long and is designed for the longer stroke. They come in so many different colours including solids, Pearesant and even UV!

Why buy one of these fantastic looking devices? Well in summary they are;Body safe, platinum silicone.

  • Compact and light weight.
  • Natural feel when using.
  • Designed to fit comfortably in the hand. (Each ring/ripple was designed for a finger to sit comfortably in.)
  • Simple texture but big sensations. (The simple bobble texture gives really good sensations no matter how you wank)
  • Affordable. (Very very competitive compared to other Jelly, SilaGels products)
  • Hand pored. (not 100% handmade as the items have been 3d printed but it was hand drawn, hand finished and hand poured.

I was pleasantly surprised with such a small, simple and yet well thought out device. I suppose good things to come in small packages after all!

Click here to visit Godemiche web site to see the vivid range of their products.


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