Getting to Know Me by BabyGirl

Getting to Know Me by BabyGirl

To understand my D/s marriage, I think it is important that I give some insight into me as a person. I am 23. I graduated in May with a BA in English and a BS in Criminal Justice. I currently am a stay at home dog mom and am getting my Masters of Arts in Organizational Management with a specialty in Project Management. Sir and I met on Tinder in October of 2018, and we have been inseparable since. We went out on a Thursday, and I was all but moved in by the weekend. We were married in March of 2018. We decided to explore and commit to a D/s relationship in August of 2019. We moved to Mobile Alabama when Sir got a job, but more on him and our journey to D/s later.

I think it is important to know that did not have many relationships let alone serious relationships before I met Sir. I have slept with three people in my life, and that started a month before I met Sir. Up until the end of September of 2018 the most sexual thing I had done was have my boobs fondled. I just never found sex appealing. I enjoyed reading romance novels with a few nice and smutty sex scenes, but I hadn’t met anyone that made me want to strip naked and tell them to fuck me. I still didn’t feel that way when I lost my virginity or with the guy that I was sleeping with before Sir.

When I started talking to Sir, it was an instant connection, and that connection was reaffirmed when we went on our first date. Four hours passed that night, and neither of us wanted to leave. Well I solved that problem when I went to his place the following night and then never left. I had a key by the end of the week. It was obvious that we were going to be in this for the long haul. I was able to relinquish my need to have control over everything and trust that I was going to be taken care of.

Now to how we got to where we are now. With Sir’s job, he has been in Canada since July, and though it has been hard it has forced us to communicate more. Our relationship became virtual. Consisting of dirty text messages and pictures. We started to reveal to one another what we wanted. Sir started to call me Babygirl, and I thought nothing of it. He would later explain to me what he truly meant when he called me by that name. One day I told him I wanted him to be more dominant in the bedroom, we had talked previously about how he had to suppress those wants in his previous relationships. For me I wanted to be able to escape my mind. He asked me to look at D/s, and as a research-oriented person I delved in. I read websites and a book (I don’t remember the name). I was shocked when I discovered our relationship had glimmers of a 24/7 D/s relationship already. From the beginning I oversaw planning meals for the week and taking care of the dogs. I was always ready to have Sir hand me things while we were out shopping or browsing an outdoor market. I naturally stood slightly behind Sir and on his left side in public settings. These were things I was doing before I even knew that I was doing it. I had agreed quickly to start this lifestyle.

Now I am ready for Sir to get home so we can continue to learn about ourselves and each other.

10 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me by BabyGirl

  1. What an interesting insight into your dynamic. So fresh too, sometimes you just know when it feels right. You’re so early in your D/s adventure. I look forward to hearing how you progress (if you wish to continue posting).

  2. I really enjoyed reading how things started out for you and am looking forward to learning a bit more. I think this will also be interesting for readers starting out . Your relationship sounds very loving. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi bg … lI am a believer in ‘love at first sight’ which seems to be what you have found with your man, bg. I’m looking forward to the possibility of more posts about your journey. Thanks for taking that first step here … nj

  4. My Sir and I were love at first sight also! So happy for you and your Sir and thank you for sharing your story. It’s very good to meet you.

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