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    Mr. D

    I wanted to take a moment and share an experience.
    It involved one of our first scenes. I will try to be as accurate and descriptive as possible to set the scene for everyone.
    Its starts at the end of our scene. little one and I were talking about the events that had taken place and the level of pleasure it brought us. (little one and I are really into impact play).
    I will admit that the level of pleasure and satisfaction during this time of play is extremely arousing for me. The moans of pleasure she makes when the “Peace Keeper” (This is my favorite whip of choice for play) touches her skin drives me wild.
    So I asked little one if it really felt that good,
    little one “Oh yes Daddy, it feels really good”
    Now hind sight being 20/20 I should of been satisfied with the fact that she said it felt good, but nope I wasn’t. What can I say I had to know.
    I told myself,
    “We’ll lets find out just how good this really is”
    I mean I’m a man, if she can take it I know I can. Right?
    Mr. D “little one, I’m going to lay across the bed. I want you to take Peace Keeper and whip me with it so I can see what it feels like.”
    little one “Oh Daddy I don’t think your going to like it.”
    Mr. D “It’s ok little one I want to see what it feels like. Now hit me.”
    little one swung Peace Keeper, but it was a very light swing (Not at all what my whip was used to, I could imagine it’s disappointment) I could barely feel anything when it connected.
    Mr. D “No little one I want you to swing the whip hard.”
    little one “Ok…..”
    This was the second time I could of just accepted that little one said it felt good and left it at that. But nope I pressed on. (It is episodes like this that I think that the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” came from).
    And this time with Peace Keeper held firmly in her tiny hand, little one began her swing. This is what my whip was accustomed to…..”Power!”
    I heard Peace Keeper whistle through the air. It’s song promising pleasurable pain with its embrace. The shear force of little ones swing was nothing short of amazing, and her accuracy was spot on.
    Peace Keepers leathery arms bit deep into the soft fleshy portions of what can only be described as my ass.
    Now the reaction that was received was not typical or the norm when my whip kissed flesh. In fact it was completely the opposite.
    I will admit that it wasn’t anger that I felt, but an immense feeling of wrongness.
    I truly was up in a second and staring at little one.
    Now what I saw when I was looking at her has became one of my most favorite memories I will ever have.
    I saw Peace Keeper in her hand, it’s varnished handle exposed from both ends of her small fist, his leather arms pointing South like a spent erection. She was sitting there on her knees, naked, her eyes were like saucers. Her lips were pursed and straight with a look of uncertainty of what would happen next.
    Mr. D “Nope!”
    She continued to look at me with amusement to my reaction to the whipping.
    I reached out and took Peace Keeper and said,
    Mr. D “Give me that!” and “I’m making a new rule, Daddy never gets whipped.”
    My little one burst out with laughter, it truly made me very happy to hear her laugh like that. In fact when ever we re-tell this story to each other we still laugh.
    I wanted to share that for at least myself this is one Dom that doesn’t like being whipped.

    Mr. D

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    My Daddy does no pain at all. Zero

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    LittleOne (Mr. D)

    LMAO… mine either apparently! ? Amazing how that is!

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    Beth [MM]

    Lol, fun story.

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    LittleOne (Mr. D)

    It’s one of those moments where ” ya had to be there” it was hilarious and touches our funny bone every time we talk about it

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    Some things are just not meant to be.  And I love the name, “Peacekeeper.”  I must let my creative side loose a bit!

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