Where has everyone gone?

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        I joined SWC almost two years ago and it was bustling with activity. Log on any time of day or night and you’d find one to five others ready to chat. Group discussions were two or three times a week. Folks were posting stories, suggestions and ideas every few days.

        Now it’s a ghost town. I never see anyone online. No new threads or stories in any category. No chats or events scheduled.

        It’s a shame because this was such a unique and vibrant community and felt almost singularly welcoming and entertaining at the same time.

        I’m still around if anyone wants to talk. Feels a bit like wandering an abandoned house, but I still have hope I’ll turn a corner and find the whole party has simply changed rooms.

        To end on an upbeat note and because this is the place I’d come to share grins like this; I added wine to Mrs Wolff’s shopping list to take with us to a family holiday party. This is what she chose. Nice clear signals, the key to every good relationship!

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          No answers, just… yup. I feel this.

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          Hi DM,

          Your observations are pretty accurate in that material and folk are a little thin on the ground. Unfortuantely, life does get in the way and to maintain a site of this size regarding current content, and new, takes a lot of time. There is also the matter of quality and repetition which of course is important to equally maintain and avoid wherever possible. The SWC is now 6 years old and we have decided to review the concept of the community based site and sought feedback from our regular members. In due course we will communicate to everyone our decision on what the future looks like and how it affects existing members.


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