Where did you meet your dom?

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      Hi, I’ve been in a D/s ‘relationship’ for almost 2 years. However, it is not evolving. I need something more – deeper and more connected. I’m looking for a new dom. The local bdsm clubs are full of couples and I’m uncomfortable going alone anyway. Meeting online scares me a little. This one is for all the submissives – I’m curious, how did you meet yours?

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      Beth [MM]

      I was married to him before we became D/s. Maybe try a munch in your local community? Or simply dating and find someone with similar interest? Good luck.

      Have you spoken with your current Dom about your feelings, and your desire for a more evolving D/s relationship?

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      My Sir and I were both in the military and I had just arrived at my first base. A group of us ‘newbies’ were taken out to the flight line to see how an experienced crew performed tasks. My Sir was the tallest guy out there and I was instantly attracted to his tall, dark, and handsomeness! He was quick to spot me, and, well…the rest is history. We were pretty quick off the mark. Within 6 weeks of meeting we were engaged and married 2 months after that. We got pregnant within the first month of marriage (the whole 6-18 months that the books say it takes to get pregnant is BS…just sayin’). We quickly had three boys and when our youngest son was six, we had a baby girl! We have now been married for over 28 years and added D/s into our marriage one year ago this month.

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      On FETLIFE.

      I decided to live the Dream, but I quickly realized I couldn’t just meet a stranger to be dominated  so I looked over the profile carefully. Mistress mentioned that she was a writer (so am I) so we started exchanging emails, then chatting. we spent MONTHS getting to know about each other before we met for a vanilla date. That was five years ago, and we are in a loving relationship. She had 3 bad marriages and I had one great one, so neither one of us wants to do that again, but we go out once or twice a week — usually after she has spanked me! — and everyone thinks we’re an old married couple.


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      I met my Sir at…a Rodeo!!  Seriously.

      I should mention that at the time that we met, I was NOT looking for a relationship of any type!  I was actually separated from someone and waiting for a divorce.  I had hit a point where I had pretty much given up on finding a decent relationship, lol.

      Anyways, the exact ins and outs of how we met is long, funny, and complicated.  But let’s suffice to say that we met by accident during a time that neither of us were looking.  That was 20 years ago!  And the relationship as a whole came BEFORE the D/s.    I am a submissive by nature (for the most part) and learned a LONG time ago to be VERY careful WHO I gave control to 😉   And no offense to anyone, but before getting into a relationship with my Dom, I met a whole lot of “little boys” who wanted to “pretend” to be MEN and did not grasp WHAT submission REALLY means :/


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      Online (gasp), yep.  Back when Yahoo had chat rooms (rolls my eyes).  Could have gone badly… a few meetings did… but not when we met.  There was a ‘click’ when our eyes met.


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