What types of play do you enjoy best and why?

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      Please leave replies to the above question here.

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      her captive eyes likes my voice. I’m English (Yorkshireman) and she’s American, I’m of course aware of the power of the senses and it’s quite a thrill for me to see and hear her respond to just my words with no physical contact. Even better to watch her squirm.


      As for best? Maybe not, and I think she’d agree. she likes being vulnerable and feeling the strength in that.

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      my Sir is correct, the thrill for me is being vulnerable and the freedom in surrendering. Although I find his accent enduring, the real appeal is in what he says and the strength he exhibits when he takes control. As he says this leaves me squirming with pleasure every time. The part I enjoy the most is not knowing what will happen next and the pure pleasure derived from it for both of us.

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      Love 2B Cruel

      I prefer long, drawn out torments to the more intense tortures. I’ll be happy to give you a blistering spanking, but I’d enjoy even more watching you sitting on spikes and squirming.

      Of course, that’s one of those situations where “Both is best.”

      (evil grin)


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