What is your favourite spanking implement?

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      Missy (Founder)

      Please leave your replies to the above question.

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      Icicle 38 Flogger.  Newly purchased, first use was this weekend.  This was my first real investment into our toys as my wife and I used a leather belt as our focus for spanking prior previously.  I love the flogger though as it can be used in so many ways.

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        Missy (Founder)

        Oooo – I just looked up the ‘Icicle 38 Flogger’ and it looks really nice.  I love the multi purpose handle too – HisLordship likes a glass dildo so I may need to add it to the list. 🙂

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      Missy (Founder)

      My favourite for spanking has always been Sir’s hand as I love the intimacy of it. But I am not sure if that counts as an implement so my favourite at the moment is ‘The Howler’ which was made from a gift of a length of rubber which Sir was given by MrHamD.  I wrote a post about it if you want to know more:  submissy: The Howler

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      I’m sticking with the Howler for now. It’s my favourite as it is part gifted, homemade and one hell of an impact toy!  Missy rarely marks or shows bruises, but this baby took no prisoners with her cheeks.


      It was recommended by MrHamD, who gifted the rubber strap, this this was not an opening toy and should be built up to. He is a wise man!

      I didn’t realise at the time of posting this that Missy was doing the same thing. Looks like it IS a winner!

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      My wife and I have been married 18 years and just discovered this side of life. So, my favorite now is probably likely to change but I get excited thinking about using the flogger. She is traveling this week but the plans are in motion. I have not attempted the tempature change with the glass yet but hear it is a must.

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      Im in the reciving end of the first “Howler”  in question but can’t say it’s my favorit yet. It grows on me tho ?

      Think my favorit for spanking will allways be Mester’ hand. Implement favorits are bamboo cane and heavy leather flogger.

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      Beth [MM]

      My “favorite” (because I’m not a fan of any [yet?]) is Sir’s hand. It’s nice to have the physical contact between us but his hand gets tired and sore before my butt is sufficiently spanked so he rarely uses it.

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      A thin delrin rod(cane) we have from can-i-ac (spl?), it’s quite stingy and can cut skin, definitely something you have to work up to and lots of jumping around on my part!

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      Mr H (sweetgirl)

      Hello everyone.

      For me it is my hand the connection between us in the moment of impact is something special.

      Sweetgirl agrees then her next favourite is the paddle.

      Mr H

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      My favorite implement I like Sir to use is Sir’s Heavy flogger or the Dragon tail, Sir’s favorite to use on me  is his hand, his 1/4″  dia. 24″ long Black Delvin cane or his Lollipop. Sir likes me not knowing when or what implement will be in his hand next by blindfolding me and mixing  between thuddy and stingy during a spanking or a play session

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      My favorite for playtime is Daddy’s hand. I don’t get the hand for punishment yet (and probably won’t since I enjoy it so much LOL)… Only the paddle or the belt used so far… If I got to choose I’d say I prefer the belt as that paddle has holes and hurts soooo bad owwwwieee    :O…..

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      All of them!!! lol  I am a spankaphile, so anything that will impact my bottom is what I love. But, if I have to choose, my list is this: 1. Hand 2. Crop 3. Belt 4. Flogger (My Sir’s is elk hide) 5. Paddle (made with love by My Sir)

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      Queen’s Hubby

      My favorite (as sub and receiver) is first My Queen’s hand for the intimacy and emotional connection. But of course that’s not long lasting as it begins to hurt her hand more than my ass. Then our favorite is the cane…maybe mostly because of how silent it is compared to the paddles. With 4 kids…not being heard makes top priority!

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      Most favorite: Mistress’ hand

      Least favorite: the CANE!

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      For me, my hand. I love the feeling of Icarusfalls’ skin under my hand, and watching my handprints glowing red on her buttocks. We’ve recently introduced a crop, and I was surprised by how much she loves it. We do have a flogger, and a paddle, and they have their moments, but the first two are our favourites at the moment.

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      I have only experienced my Sir’s hand and his belt.  It is my firm belief that my favorite will always be his hand because of the intimate connection.  With that said, I do enjoy the initial sting of the belt and am curious about the Dragons tail and how it compares.

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