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    So what is your favourite weapon of choice?  A soft fluffy pillow or a length of bamboo?  It’s a very personal choice and what one person gets off on doesn’t mean another will. Let’s here a what and why from you!

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    SweetGirl (MrH)

    I don’t look through these as often as I probably should… but in trying to find an image of “the howler” I have come accross this.

    We tried the squealer, and it was fabulous.  MrH liked it too, I think for me I would have to say that in order of preference to date:

    1. Hand

    2. Flogger

    3. Squealer

    4. Cane

    some of that I think is that we don’t get to do the top 3 often because of the noise, and space, but I do like impact play a lot.  It relaxes me and allows me to drift into a good place.

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