What is the Dom Sub Workbook and how do I use it?

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      The Dom Sub Workbook will be a set of posts which contain questions designed to help you to reflect on your Dominance or submission.

      Really you should use it in any way that you want. You can follow the tasks and do them all in order, or you can dip in and out. You can post about your progress and share your thoughts in the forums, or on a blog (you are welcome to post on the blog here) or you can keep them privately or write them up in a journal.

      It is entirely up to you whether you choose to share your thoughts or not.

      I will create a topic thread for each post which will contain the post link and the topic. Feel free to post your questions in reply to the thread, or link up your post if you choose to blog about it.

      If you would like any help then please just ask.

      Follow this link to head to the Dom Sub Workbook Category which contains all relevant posts to date.

      missy xx


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