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    I am throwing this question open more than I am providing an answer, but here goes as a starting point.

    For us I think that the difference would be that play would mean the times that we use the power exchange as part of our sexual interaction with each other. We would talk about ‘playing’ or ‘playing with you’ etc. We would incorporate many types of D/s play into this such as wax play, sensation play, impact play etc so there is usually a large element of kink as well as the power exchange. Although we might be playing with impact, we would tend to focus on just one or two things and would usually play for up to about an hour. This would be different to other times when we might have ‘vanilla sex’ where there would be sex with no real power exchange or kink, although in reality there is often a ‘twist’.

    Our scenes would also involve power exchange and kink, but they would tend to be longer and incorporate more than one type of play, or more than one thing within it. So during an impact scene there might be hand spanking, the paddle, the crop and then the cane. Often a scene would climax with sex but not always. Our scenes tend to have a theme to them and they will be planned with a build up and proper after care whereas play might be more ad-hoc.

    We have used training less than the other two. For us training would be when we are trying to develop an aspect of our relationship so we will do that thing over and over for a period. Or we would also call it training when we are learning something new, which might take a while or it might just be for a short period. So we might train with a new toy to find out how best to use it and know the limits with it, or it might be a behaviour thing where we are trying to make something part of our dynamic, like learning positions etc.

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    Play and scenes are the same to me, I use session as well. Scenes to have a connotation of more serious play, tends to be longer and more intense.

    Training is something you want to teach your submissive to do, you show them how you want X to be done or you introduce Z to the relationship and you want it to be a part of your dynamic.

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    Play to me is spontaneous it can be kinky sex or vanilla with a twist. It can last 45 mins or 2 hours nothing your doing is planned.

    Scene is where Sir has planned out an agenda on what we will be doing, Sir will have it all written out. It’s very intense and most times include heavy impact, it can last 4 hours or so ( with breaks when needed)

    Training: Is when Sir wants me to learn something I haven’t done or to break a bad habit I may have, it also could be a hard limit that I may have.

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