What is Poly and What’s it?

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    Puddingpop [Saturn]

    Polyamory what is it? Seems to be a popular question. Not so difficult to explain. The next one that follows is, what’s polyamory like? That’s not so easy to answer.

    So let’s start with the easy question first and some definitions. These are usually some how always thrown in by people curious about polyamory.

    Three people having sex together. Could be any mixture of males and females. Note this is an action or activity

    Lots people having sex together in a great big flesh soup. Note again this is action or activity just like the above but with more bodies.

    One person marrying multiple people. Usually associated with Fundamental Mormons. Note this is not legal in the United States.

    Swapping partners for sex. This is sex for recreational purposes with an explicit intention to avoid emotion connections.

    Now we’ll diced up polyamory.
    So poly in Greek means multiple.
    Then we’re left with amor which means love in Latin. Put those two together and polyamory means multiple loves. See this part is simple.

    Having multiple intimate relationships with multiple partners.

    Okay so hopefully we all know the definitions and what these are now. So let’s move forward some more to the more messy question. What is poly like? This answer might change depending on the person.

    Poly for us is an added relationship with another person or persons. So this part is tricky. We already have an established relationship with one another (I’m referring to Saturn in case You’re wondering). So any relationship we have with someone is a new relationship and additional relationship to what we already have. It is separate and yet in addition to our relationship. I hope that makes sense.

    We also pratice kitchen table poly which just means we all get along together. We hang out with these people, care about them, and are invested in them emotionally. The same with any partners we have. Yes there can be and is sex but it’s the relationship that is the main draw. Sex is more like a bonus. Not all of our poly relationships have included sex either. Really it is about the relationship.

    All of our communication is honest and open for poly to work. It’s also part of ethical poly. That means everyone and any issues (such health, jealousy, work, and anything that needs to addressed). Poly does not work when communication breaks down and problems will arise quickly with out honesty and open communication. So we all talk with one another a lot along with hanging out. So really if someone saw us they’d just think we’re just close friends. Which is true but the connection and relationship is more intimate.

    I hope this sheds some more light and understanding on what poly is.

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    Lady Chamoix

    Hi. Having been in a polyamory relationship for just over two years it was interesting to read your description. I have to admit in reading it I can agree with your description

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