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      Hello lovies-

      I thought I would take a moment and explain what is a “Little Chat” ( which happens here on SWC every other Thursday, yay) and answer a few common questions. Here we go…

      A”Little Chat” is a place where those who identify as “Littles or Middles” can get together and discuss topics and how they affect us. It is a safe place to ask questions you may be curious about and to share ideas and experiences.

      Do I have to be a “Little” to participate?  Nope- You just have to come with an open mind and kind words. Just like any other chat on SWC no bullying allowed. You can disagree with someone but keep it friendly.

      Are their topics and where can I find them? Yes, there are topics for the chats and you can locate them on the calendar on the site. Also, SubMissy sends out a weekly update on upcoming chats. Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss any of the fun stuff going on. Keep in mind that while we do have topics picked out for the night it common for our conversations to wonder a bit- it is run by a group of awesome Littles after all.

      What if I don’t like babyish stuff?  It is ok- you don’t have to like diapers and bottles to be a Little or come to a chat. There are many different types of Littles and we all like different things. We share crafts, books, music, art, hobbies, stuffies, snacks, lots of things. You can find usually someone who likes something you like and bam you something to talk about together.

      I want to know more but am afraid I will seem silly for asking? No worries there. We welcome all friendly questions about DD/lg type dynamics. You don’t have to want one either. We think it is great if you just want a better understanding of a topic or frankly just want to learn something new. Gaining answers to questions and learning about each other makes us a stronger kink community. Seriously ask your question- it isn’t silly.

      Well, lovies those are the main things for now. If you have any other questions or concerns about whether a Little chat is right for you, please feel free to ask here and myself or one of the other girls who help with the chats will answer as best they can.











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      Beth [MM]

      Awesome post, great explanation!

      Pets are also welcome, any one with a care giver, and the care giver/Bigs are welcome as well. As Love said, keep it little friendly. ?

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      Missy (Founder)

      This is really helpful LittleLove – thank you for posting. It has made me wonder if we could make it into a blog post which would then go out to more people, rather than just for those who have come looking. We could do a ‘Spotlight on Little Chats’ or something? love missy xx

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