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    Masterdym (MG)

    Clothes pins and leather belts

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    Morning Glory (MD)

    foam bats , ping pong paddles, cooking utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas and wooden meat tenderizer)

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    Puddingpop [Saturn]

    Kitchen utensils such as a wooden spoon. Still trying to hunt down a wooden meat tenderizer. The Bamboo walking cane.

    But really it is super fun to go look at a second hand store and test things out in the store. I think that’s my favorite more than the actual items.

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    Beth [MM]

    Nylon dog collars, I sleep in one as my nighttime collar. I find it stays cool (but not cold) on my neck and it doesn’t matter if I sweat in it (unlike leather).

    Double ended snap hooks.

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    There are lots of household things that we have tried and we always find it fun to adapt them.  I made a pair of seasonal nipple clamps with Christmas bells on out of clothes pegs last year and we enjoyed using them.  I was remembering the other day that we took a plastic venetian blind rod on holiday one year to use as a cane while we were away and that was very effective.  We also used to have a short piece of waxed cotton sash cord that we had from our clothes pulley which HisLordship used to whip me with – it was great as it was quiet so suitable for use when there were lots of pairs of ears around. It was also good for use on the more intimate areas such as the clit and the nips.

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