What are your favorite things to do?

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      Kay Kay

      Since I’m new to this site (and new to the lifestyle too) and I saw there is an influx of new people posting as well, I thought it would be fun to post our favorite scenes, rewards, punishments, memories we have, pretty much anything that you like! I figured it could give everyone that’s new some sweet ideas! 🙂

      I can start too:

      So far, one of my favorite things is being tossed around roughly and being told why I’m being played with rough “you think you can talk back like that?” As my head is hitting the wall with every thrust. It hurts my head, but I kinda like it lol!

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      I thought it was just me. This is looking like a great place to have found.  Our play can get intense like that.  One of our all time favorite games is chase.  Our backyard is big and private (so I will be half naked or wearing some sheer thing with easy access to his favorite parts of me.  I get a head start and he has to catch me.  I am small and nimble and have endurance but he has sheer raw power to catch me. The harder the I make it for him to catch me the rougher I will get it.  Generally he takes me where he catches me. We are so ready for warmer weather to play.

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      Impact play. Hands down my most needed kink and integral to our dynamic. Weekly or twice a week if we can. If we go too long without we find our D/s put out of balance. Its a submission reset for me…my  bum is rarely without beautiful brusies

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      The floggers are my favourite, especially if I am suspended using our over the door cuffs. A mixture of handspanking, sensual flogging, and breast, clit and pussy stimulation including the light flogger in the lead up and during flogging, in this position, are most likely to send me into subspace. I also love being bound.

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      My wife wants me to obey her and be in control of our marriage.  She is not much into the kinky side of D/s.  I wish there was more kink.  Really the only kinks are cross dressing, orgasm control, and kissing her ass literally.  After I bath her she let’s me lick and kiss her anus.  That put’s me into 100% sub mode and she enjoys it.

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      What other things has she tried Mark? Spanking, paddle, whip, any type of impact play? Has she done scenes with you?

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      I bought a paddle.  She used it a couple times when I asked but it doesn’t do anything for her.  No scenes, she is just not a kinky woman.  She orders me around which is a turn on for me.

      Her sister stayed with us for a few months recently.  Her sister noticed I obeyed my wife and did all the hosuework and asked my wife about it.   My wife told her about me being submissive, my laser hair removal, and my cross dressing.  Once that was out in the open I didn’t hide my painted toes and cross dressing while her sister was staying with us.  For me that was more fun than any kinky sex scene.  I like that my wife is comfortable sharing our lifestyle with her sister.  Her sister enjoyed it too lol

      My wife orders me around in front of her girl friends.  For example she will ask me to bring them drinks or tell me to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes when she has a friend over for lunch.  I enjoy that as much as kink.

      So really orgasm denial and ass licking is all the kink I get.  She knows I use a butt plug when cleaning the house but that is not something she tells me to do.  There has been a noticeable change in my wife embracing her dominance over me.  It would be fun if my wife was more into the kink part of D/s but I am happy with where we are.   Years of arguements and power stuggles in the marriage came to an end and she enjoys being in charge and getting her way.

      The secret to having a happy marriage with a domineering wife is doing what she says and letting her control the money.  duh.  I wasted 10 years of marriage not doing that.  I always wanted to be submissive to a woman but being submissive meant kinky sex things.  Things changed once I started to obey her every whim and gave her financial power in the marriage.

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      Hello, Mark,

      She can exert all sorts of control over you in erotic but not blatently sexual ways. For example:

      You’re not allowed to dress without her permission.

      She chooses your clothes, or at least your underwear.

      You need her permission to use the bathroom.

      You must ask permission before touching her.

      At night you kneel by the bed waiting for her to call you to join her.

      When she comes home you crawl to her and kiss her feet in greeting.

      Give her backrubs and foot rubs.

      Learn to do her toenails.

      Get a vibrating butt plug with remote and give her the remote so she can tease you while you do housework.

      Would these sort of things appeal to her? And to you?


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      Hi Mark, I asked my Master if He would read your posts and offer His opinion so you could get a Doms perspective. I hope that His suggestions will be helpful to you and allow you to find additional ways to satisfy your submissive side.

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      Hi CruelPuppetMaster,

      Thanks for your suggestions.  We have done some of these in the past.  She would choose my panty and I gave her back rubs.  She does my toenails but doesn’t want me to do hers (she does it much better).

      She used to ask for long back massages.  I would wear a cock ring with a lease attachment that she held on too while I massageD her back and licked her ass.  That would last more than an hour.  I should start asking to do this again.

      My butt plug is remote control.  But she has never asked me to insert a butt plug.  I always have to do it on my own.  Maybe I should get more assertive and hand her the remote when I am plugged and see if she participates.  I have tried in the past but she didn’t seem that into it.

      I would like all the things you mentioned and more.  She just isn’t that kinky.

      I have always known I like to be submissive – especially sexually submissive.  It’s not easy for a submisive man to find a mate.  There are 50 or 100 submissive men for every dominant woman (in my opinion).  I feel lucky that my wife accepts me as a submissive even though it’s not as sexual as I would like.  Many married submissive men (and cross dressers) are terrified to do something as simple as shaving their legs becasue their wife would have a fit.  My situation is not so bad compared to other married men.

      But it would be good to find more kinky things my wife would enjoy.  Not easy to do that without trying to top from the bottom


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        Would your wife allow you to find a Dom to fulfill your submissive needs? Or is that even something you would want? It could be an internet relationship so that no physical contact was involved but she could provide you with some of the link that you are craving.

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      I would have to be sneaky to do that.  I have considered finding a kinky safe dominant friend.  Is that terrible?  For example sometimes I think I would like to suck cock again.  It’s been 12 years.  My wife would never agree to that

      So not sure


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      Kay Kay

      I am so happy this thread took off. I was afraid of posting it, and once I did, I was ridiculed for wanting attention. I appreciate that other people have posted, probably noticing that we’re all just here to gather ideas and become more confident as we try to explore this other side of ourselves.

      Much love to all <3

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      I am new to this so wanted to share my experiences so far. I am a naturally submissive woman and recently told my husband I wanted to submit sexually for him. He is a natural dominant always been controlling of who I see what I wear and what I do so he was happy.  Day one he got me a collar to wear which I feel so special in when I have the collar on I am only allowed panties but must have my anus exposed at all times for his use. Yesterday I was have time with the collar when his dad and brothers turned up it felt weird but I was not allowed to get clothed and this turned me on! Is this strange

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        I don’t think you will find anyone here who will call it “strange” for a sub to be turned on by being dominated and controlled. Being exposed to his family is certainly unusual, but I don’t see anything to criticize unless it violated a hard limit that had been previously agreed to: you don’t seem to have been upset by it(?).

        “felt weird but turned me on!” Is something I’m sure any sub can relate to, lol.

        Are you happy and satisfied? Is your Dom happy and satisfied? If so then good for you, and tell any nay-sayers to go pound sand.




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      Captain’s Girl

      Ok, so let me be basic af… but I love any time he goes caveman on me. Anything where he is physically agressive or demanding in a sexual way. I mean sweet movie sex where a man is gently removing your clothes and slowly exploring your body is nice sometimes. But it’s a completely different experience when he pins you to the wall and rips your clothes off. Especially when I haven’t done anything special to stimulate him.

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      I’m naturally submissive but only in the bedroom. I couldn’t really have put a name to it until I started reading dirty fanfic recently.

      I like to call my partner daddy or sir. I like it when he makes me strip and pleasure him, but makes me wait for to get off. I love it when he praises me, and when he makes me beg for him.  Pretty vanilla I guess – I don’t mind being embarrassed, but not humiliated. I’m happy to be spanked, but not properly masochistic.

      I think I would enjoy being restrained…

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