Want to build a folding play bench?

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      If you’re anything like us, finding hiding homes for your ever growing collection of toys can be a challenge. Most of us do not have a secret room to squirrell stuff away from prying eyes, or have the luxury of additional cupboard space to hold regular play things. So what if you decide you want some kink furniture?

      Our first thought was a green velvet covered Chez Lounge. Too expensive and too big.  Then a spanking bench! Too big and nowhere to hide it.  The list was endless and the outcome always the same!

      Whilst mid-Google one day I discovered a whole new hidden world of kink-craft. Anything from mini floggers to a St.Andrew’s Cross. This was pure gold to me, although I wasn’t sure if I had the skills to build this stuff, and where would I find the instructions? Further Googling found plans, forums, and books!  In no time at all I had purchased ‘Build The Better Bondage Book’ by Douglas Kent.

      Fast forward a few weeks and I had purchsed the materials suggested and followed the plans, almost, to the letter. The result was very pleasing for someone with basic DIY skills and the usual tools found in a domestic garage.

      Bench1bench2Bench3Bench4Bench5Bench6Bench7Bench8Bench with top

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      Beth [MM]

      For those in the US buying the book from Douglas Kent’s website is significantly less expensive than Amazon, plus he sells rope for bondage and some shibari and hojojitsu books as well.

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