Trying times, part 2

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        Trying times 2

        She followed Mistress to a set of stairs at the end of the living room that went both up and down just as the set from the garage to the dining room had continued up to the next floor. Two sets of stairs in opposite corners of castle, that made perfect sense she thought. Behind and under these stairs was a door on this floor that was carved though the designs were too small to see from here. Thinking of the layout it looked like it would lead to the other side the the castle and around the courtyard.

        “What’s through there?” She asked when she saw they were heading up instead of through the courtyard door. Mistress turned to her and was smiling widely. She was incredibly attractive when she looked so happy.

        “The Library.” She said it matter of factly but with weight on the name like it would be somehow special. “Do you like to read?” She asked guardedly, and Miss knew this was another test.

        “I love to,” she admitted and was again relieved to see she had given the correct answer. “It’s been months, but before everything started happening I would go through a book every few weeks.”

        Mistress started up the stairs and talked to her over her shoulder. “You’ll be in heaven then. We’ll go there last, since it’ll probably be impossible to pull you away afterwards.”

        She wanted to see, but dutifully followed Mistress up the stairs while listening to a running explanation of the castle.

        “We built this all a few years ago. We’d had the plans drawn up and then sadly a few family members passed, but the silver lining was the life insurance payments. We put everything into making this property comfortable and safe. After the last pandemic… Were you old enough to remember that?”

        “A little. I was small and…”

        She cut in with a friendly but serious correction. “‘A little, Mistress.’ If either of us ask you a question, or really any time you speak directly to us, remember to use our titles.” Miss nodded and looked abashed and Mistress took pity on her. “With me it’s not such s big deal, really it’s ok! I want us to be friends as well as playmates.” At the mention of playing together Miss looked down and felt the heat rising in her cheeks. Apparently Mistress noticed because she grinned and said “That was fun, hmm? Let’s go find you some clothes.”

        They came out on the second floor, really the third from the ground, into a hallway with doors spaced along the left side towards the exterior of the castle. The right wall was lined with windows looking into the central courtyard and across the expanse to similar windows on the far side, though those looked as if they might have some color to them. The courtyard was maybe 9 or 10 meters across and square like the castle around it, the walls lined with potted plants and small trees and she thought she could see an outdoor fireplace in one wall. The roof was open to the sky and let in plenty of light. She was drawn to the space and wanted to run downstairs and go out to it, to see the plants and smell the fresh air and twirl in place bathed only in sunlight, but she turned her attention back to the hall as Mistress continued speaking. If she stayed she’d get her chance.

        “These first two are set up as guest rooms.” Mistress motioned to the doors lining the left of the hallway, towards the outside of the castle. “You may choose whichever you like, but only use one as you’ll be responsible for keeping it clean.”

        “Of course Mistress.”

        “This one,” She opened the first door closest to the stairs and stood aside to let Miss look inside, “Is a bit larger, opening into the tower next to it.” She pulled a pair of robes off a hook by the door and handed one over, putting the other on herself. The one Mistress kept was a dark red, giving Miss a similar cut in light purple. Both were warm and soft but only hung down to cover the top third of Mistress’ thighs. When the older woman walked and her legs tugged the fabric forward and back it showed momentary flashes between them. Miss was a little shorter and hers hung a bit longer but not by much. She knew if she bent over to pick anything up she would be providing a show to anyone behind her. ‘You’ve been walking around here naked for hours,’ she told herself, ‘plus now you’ve had them both inside you.’ She blushed and smiled at the thought and was happy that Mistress wasn’t looking at her as they reentered the hallway and continued on. She realized she had almost entirely neglected to look at the room. She’d have to come back and explore on her own if she kept getting so distracted.

        “This room is smaller but has a balcony which sits over the top of the main entrance, the stairs out front. I think you’ll like the view.” Mistress led them through the room and out a single solid door in the exterior wall onto a good sized balcony of flagstone. The surrounding block wall was a little over waist high and as she looked out she saw a wonderful view of the property spread down the valley. Fenced fields, barn and sheds, a few of the dispersed towers. Low spots that may be ponds in wetter weather and were dry now. In the background the Rocky Mountains and blue skies.

        “It’s beautiful, Mistress.” She said quietly. The scene demanded a whisper.

        “You’re a very quick study.” Mistress spoke with admiration and for whatever reason that made Miss glow. She had only just met this woman but her approval seemed to be important and to be told she was doing well and learning quickly… she was wearing an almost constant smile now. Another new thing. What a difference a shower and a break can make, alongside acceptance…and yes, as intense an orgasm as she’d ever had.

        “Mistress…” She started to ask and stopped. She had a ton of questions, but she didn’t even know if she were allowed to ask questions.

        “Yes, go ahead.”

        “Um, Mistress, I understand that if Sir tells me to do something then I should do it.”

        “Absolutely,” the older woman agreed, “without question or hesitation.” She turned to sit on the edge of the stone railing, her arms bracing against the top and she leaned languidly and eyed the younger woman. “Sometimes it will be to help with the animals or repairs around the farm. Sometimes, yes, he will order you over the edge of a counter and simply screw your brains out or fill your pretty mouth.” Mistress was grinning and Miss found she was grinning right back. None of that sounded so bad. Then Mistress expression turned serious. “And occasionally he’ll need us to respond immediately to keep us safe. This place is strong and you’ll be safe here, but if anyone comes to try to take it, or us… well, Sir is a wonderful friend and a very bad enemy.” Then She softened again and watched the girl. Mistress waited, not saying anything as she knew more questions were coming. She could probably even guess the big one.

        “And you, Mistress? Do I obey your commands as well?”

        The girl was looking for where she stood in this… household? Tribe? Relationship? None of those seemed to fit with all three of them involved, but she wasn’t sure she had a word for what they might be. She did know it was important to figure out her status and learn as many of the rules as possible so she could avoid a misstep.

        Mistress laughed, an enchanting lilting thing that danced out as much from her eyes as from her voice. She looked at the girl thoughtfully, then smiled as if she’d made a decision on something and spoke. “If I told you to come over here to me, would you?”

        The girl was already moving. “Yes Mistress.”

        A wider smile. “And if I told you to get down on your knees in front of me?”

        She didn’t say anything but showed compliance through action, dropping quickly to her knees and waiting expectantly for further instruction. She figured this was just a test to see if she would do as she was told.

        While it might be, it wasn’t only that. “And if I told you to taste me, and use your mouth and hands to bring your Mistress to climax?” Mistress’ hands bunched up the edges of her robe as she asked, lifting the hem just high enough to expose her from the waist down. The girl was now situated as she had been for Sir, on her knees and inches away from using her mouth on another. ‘Would every day be like this?’ She thought. ‘They’ll wear me out!’

        What she did, however, was leaned forward slowly while looking up to meet the woman’s eyes. She still wasn’t sure how far Mistress would take this, if she was just seeing if the new girl could follow orders or… or something more.

        She wasn’t stopped, and Mistress did nothing but raise a questioning eyebrow. No choice then, she pushed herself forward until her lips came into contact with Mistress’ very different set of lips. She wondered if that made what she was about to do something like a French kiss and smiled at her own joke.

        Mistress sighed above her and seemed to relax slightly as the girl’s tongue left the safety of her own mouth and ran in a line up the older woman’s pussy.

        ‘There you go,’ She thought encouragingly to herself, ‘you’ve been showered and fed, had your throat fucked and gotten fingered, and now you’re eating out another woman! On a balcony of a castle in the mountains. How the hell did that happen?’

        She concentrated on long, slow licks interspersed with tracing the tip of her tongue over the other woman’s mons, each time eliciting groans of pleasure. She had never been with a woman but had friends who had and they had mentioned once that it was easier than being with a man, because they already knew what women wanted. “Just do what you’d like,” her friend had advised, “you know what feels good to you, you just do that to her.” At the time it has been unsolicited, unneeded advice. Now she was applying it along with every trick of timing, pressure and depth that drove her wild and might work on another.

        She drew the alphabet with her tongue over Mistress’ quivering clit once it had emerged. She enclosed it with her hot lips to suck gently, a trick from a previous boyfriend that she knew always brought her to a quick and powerful orgasm. When she felt that Mistress was right on the brink, she slid two fingers inside the woman below her own lips still locked over her clit and bent her fingers up to press against the softer spongy area on the back side of where she was sucking, simultaneously rubbing her tongue back and forth rapidly from the front. Mistress came, suddenly and loudly.

        A screaming, screeching surprise, Mistress’ hands locking into the hair on the back of her head and pinning her in place as the soaked and swollen pussy lips in front of her were ground against her mouth. She had thought they might be hiding what they were doing from Sir, but if he were still anywhere on the property he couldn’t help but hear this. Miss was sure it would be brought up later.

        At the moment she had no more time to contemplate the future as the present consumed all her thoughts. Mistress was a screamer, and thrashed violently as she came. She was unable to pull back or move aside. The group on her hair left her with little choice but to accept the second orgasm another was getting from her mouth that day, this time a shaking shuddering thing that had her locked between tightened thighs and painfully gripping fingers. She continued to lick and suck until the rush subsided and the hands in her hair loosened. She sat back to cough slightly and wipe her chin on her sleeve, then looked up.

        Mistress was still coming down from the throws of the intense orgasm, tossing her head side to side and trying to calm her breathing. When she was mostly under control she looked down and grinned widely. “That. Was. Mmmm!” She couldn’t find the right words to explain or perhaps didn’t trust herself to speak them, but shook from head to toe a few times and continued smiling. Miss waited patiently until told what to do next. It wasn’t long in the coming. Mistress smiled at her and spoke, her voice brimming with fulfillment.

        “Miss, I hope that answers your question?”

        She thought she knew but wanted to be sure and clear. “So I SHOULD obey you as well, Mistress?”

        The woman grinned again. “Didn’t you just now?” She straightened her robe and leaned down to shake the girl’s hair out to fall evenly to both sides on her shoulders. “People have exactly as much power over you as you give them.” She explained. “You’re enjoying being here with us, yes?”

        “Yes Mistress!” She was sure of that much.

        Mistress nodded. “And you’re enjoying being owned, and used, by both of us.” She paused but wasn’t surprised when no answer was forthcoming. “You don’t have to say anything dear. If you wanted things to be different you would have said something, showed disgust or defeat at what we’ve asked you to do, or simply told me no. You could have checked with your new master before accepting that I can control you as well.” She grinned mischievously now, showing her canines. “But now that you’ve shown you enjoy being told what to do, and that you’re wonderful at doing it, we’ll continue just like this!” Had she just accepted through her actions to be sex slave to them both?

        Mistress stood and took her hand to pull her to her feet, then along into the room and back towards the hallway. “Come on!” She said in a tone suddenly closer to a childhood friend. “I’ve still got to show you the towers, and then the library! You’ll want to see that before we have to go help this afternoon.” Mistress looked back at her, paused and kissed her cheek. “And thank you for that,” She nudged her head back the way they had come, “after this morning I really needed that.”

        Another choice, how to react? This might be her last chance to change their dynamic for a long time. But did she want it to be different?

        “I was happy to, Mistress.” She was as pleasantly surprised by how easily the words poured out as the older woman seemed to be. “I’m sure we can help each other when we need it! You taste fantastic by the way.”

        Mistress pulled her along again and shot over her shoulder nonchalantly “Just wait until you taste me and Sir together.”


        The towers were each unique, around 3 meters across and each housing something different. They had visited three of the four, each situated on a corner of the castle looking out over the surrounding property. The towers had enclosed rooms above the corner bedrooms, made of the same blocks as the walls around and below them, with space on top for each to carry its own specialized platform. The roof patio of one was encased in Plexiglas on a metal frame, an all season greenhouse of flowering plants with lounge chairs and a small drink table in the center. She didn’t see any edible plants, not even the orange tree that must have provided their juice at breakfast, so this must not be the full greenhouse that had been mentioned earlier.

        The second was crowned with a wood gazebo framed of heavy timbers and covered in a siding of wood boards spaced with a few inches of sky visible between each. She couldn’t understand its purpose and Mistress watched her saying nothing until a crow flew in through an opening and alighted on a rafter. Looking around she saw nests, a small fountain and a flagstone floor with exterior drains to pour water out over the walls of the castle. She’d known a word for this once, from a book a long time ago… “It’s a rookery!” She was as pleased with herself as Mistress was for knowing the term already. This was the first place she was given chores to be completed each day; sweeping the floor daily and wash it clean once a fortnight, ensure the fountain was running and refilling it as needed, and feeding the crows a few times a week. It was left unsaid what they ate but she assumed they might get the offal and leftovers from any slaughtering on the farm.

        The third tower was a wonder. The roof was covered in antennae of all shapes and sizes, and the interior showed why. Shelves and racks from floor to ceiling, and each covered with all manner of electronics. She recognized only a few. A CB radio like she’d seen in truck cabs on TV, sets of handheld radios, two small quad copter drones. She saw wires running out under the door and across the wide roof that connected to more antenna and apparently cameras if the screens in the room were any indication at various points along the top of the castle walls. Whenever she heard the term communications center from then on she knew she’d picture this room.

        The rest of the roof between the towers was open, a wide flat expanse a level lower and spread over each of the four sides of the castle with the open courtyard in the center. There were more lounge chairs and tables spread around and a few potted plants, as well as moveable raised planters with shallow bins of soil growing all manner of veggies and herbs. All of this could be grown down below on the ground and must take enormous effort each spring to get the soil up to the roof, but up here it was safe from grazing animals and any hungry passerby and provided a ready food source within the castle walls. She was impressed by the foresight.

        It occurred to her that all of this would take a lot of water. She made a mental note to ask where their water came from and make sure she could get to it if she needed it.

        The fourth tower, like the others, had tall, thin windows that were covered with mirrored glass on the inside to prevent anyone outside from seeing in. She started that way until Mistress called her back, friendly but firm. “We aren’t going in there today.” She stated bluntly. “Let’s head down to the library, you love it!”

        She couldn’t help herself. “What’s in there Mistress?” The woman paused, obviously deciding what to say.

        “A more private space.” She finally decided upon. “That tower is directly over the master bedroom. You may see it,” She grinned and started walking again, “Eventually. If you’re good.” She was walking away and said quietly but with a time full of intrigue “You’ll have to earn a visit to the red room.”

        The girl was left with no more information as she rushed to catch up and follow her Mistress down again into the castle. She had loved being up in the clean air and sunlight, but now found a comforting warmth and solidity of being inside the walls once more. Nothing could get to her in here, and that was just as she wanted it. She reaffirmed to herself that she would gladly do anything to keep it that way.

        They reached the first floor again and Mistress stopped in front of the door under the stairs, similar to every other in the castle except that this wood has been carved in beautiful, intricate designs. Closer now they were clear to Miss. It looked like Celtic knotwork, wrapping in and out of itself the full length of the door and as she took it in she noticed small figures hidden here and there. They looked like mischievous fairies, peaking around the lines like they were hiding behind vines or branches. Even without ever trying any woodwork herself she knew it must have taken ages to carve. It was gorgeous.

        “Sir always says that good girls get rewarded. You’ve been great so far and he told me to make sure you got to see this today. This,” Mistress said grandly as she pushed the door open, “is the library.”






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