Trying Times, part 1

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        Trying times
        This story is going to be much darker than my others have been. Talking to folks here I relised that while most of my writing is either erotic or post-apocalyptic, I’ve never really explored mixing the two. I hope you still enjoy it, just know that setting the scene means starting out rough and showing glimmers of hope in small servings as the story progresses.
        I think this will be a long one so I’ll break it up for easier reading in multiple sittings! Take a break and come back to the line break where you stopped, or binge read and stop at each new post.

        And never fear, there will be plenty of fun of the “Yes Sir” variety.

        Hope you enjoy…

        She had been on her own for too long and knew her luck was bound to run out. The gangs, crazies, just plain accidents, hunger and cold. She had to find somewhere, anywhere to take her in before winter got any closer or she wouldn’t make it.

        She’s packed up the few things she had, placing her small pot on the ratty blanket and rolling it, then tied the ends with a short rope of shoe strings she’d linked together to act as a sling. She retied her boots, the most valuable thing she owned. A real pair of hiking boots and just slightly too big for her. She’d managed to hang on to them even when everything else has been lost, or taken. Once they were all she could escape with and she’d spent a whole day hiding and searching for new clothes wearing only her boots. If something happened though, nothing in the world would keep you safe like being able to really run. People found barefoot were almost always caught.

        She piled on the thin winter hat and worn through gloves she’d found a week before. They didn’t help much but we’re a lot better than an nothing. No mirror, and she smiled sourly at the thought ‘nobody to look good for anyway’. She imagined she had to look exactly like a malnourished young woman who’d been sleeping rough for months since her town was burned out and was now starting to feel the creeping chill of the changing seasons and the fear that came with it. Made sense as that was exactly what she was.

        She was also not going to just sit down and die, like so many already had. She was still here and had every intention of being here tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. She just had to keep going. Something would break her way if she just kept going.

        It wasn’t long before she came to another road. You could never get far from the roads, which sucked because roads meant people and people ranged from watching out for themselves, for which she couldn’t really blame them, to the nightmares that had taken over the cities and set up camps along the passes. Those places you were lucky if you survived long enough to regret it. Too many people and not enough resources, simple math. She’d been good at math when that mattered. Now she just knew that one person was dangerous, a hundred were fatal. She had to find something in between but with the world falling apart how many good places were left? And why should they take her in?

        She was thinking about what she had to offer and was distracted for a moment which almost got her killed. Turning around a bend she came out from around a low hill and found herself facing a small caravan of bikers. They’d been able to keep moving on the roads because their bikes used so much less fuel than cars and trucks and right from the start they’d been willing to do whatever it took to stay alive. Not a long stretch from there to doing whatever they wanted and coming into contact with those still around were a guaranteed brutal night and a painful death.

        The only thing saving her was a bush, by chance directly between her and the closest bikers. Now she was out from behind the hill she was terrified of moving for fear that they’d see and come after her. She stood frozen, not taking another step and only lowering herself down to the ground very, very slowly. No other cover around so she inched herself closer to the bush, crawling underneath and ignoring the pain from bristles and dry branches as she got herself as close to the trunk as she could. With a little luck she could wait them out.

        She watched them as much as she could without moving, seeing them through the gaps in the branches and was relieved to see them packing up. She has feared they were camping here and she’d be stuck for a whole day until it got dark enough to sneak away but it looked like they would head out soon. She surveyed their camp, not much more than the bikes and a few blankets and sleeping bags with a burned out fire here and there. She did see something to the side that made her freeze again. A man, sprawled unnaturally in the dry grass. A few months ago she wouldn’t have been able to tell you what a dead man looked like or how to tell at a distance. Happier times. Now she noticed his shirt and shoes were gone, probably taken by the bikers who had killed him. Near him she saw a small tent, used roughly and ripped but still mostly intact. None of the bikers were going near it or working to break it down. Maybe if they left it behind she could take it. Getting out of the wind at night would go a long way to keeping her warm.

        She waited in silence, endless patience brought on by her fear. What she would give to stop being afraid! Not likely, the way things were. She figured she’d be afraid the rest of her life and concentrated instead on making that last as long as possible.

        Eventually they left, roaring engines and loud whistles and yells, everything the opposite of what she was now. She was prey and her survival depended on going unnoticed. The predators could make noise. At least it let you know they were coming.

        When the camp was empty she jumped up and immediately ran to the fire pits to look for any scraps left behind.


        Yea right. She stayed put for another twenty minutes after the last noise of the bikes had faded. Whatever they left would wait, and nothing was worth the risk of them coming back and finding her in the open. Eventually she felt it was safe, well, safer and crawled out from under the bush to make her way carefully towards the tent.

        She didn’t get her hopes up, too many dashed dreams, and she was glad of that when she went around to the zippered opening. She wouldn’t be taking this tent with her. It still belonged to the previous owner, the woman lying inside.

        She didn’t think she had the stomach to drag her out, and even if she did there was no way to clean the tent to a point where it might be usable again. Even a month ago this sight would have had her throwing up. Now it just brought a slight slump to her shoulders as she imagined another night sleeping in the wind, colder every time it got dark. She turned away and started walking.

        It was later the same morning and only a few miles away when she edged up to peak over the ridge and saw something that shocked her. She didn’t know that could still happen, but she was honestly surprised. Down in the next valley, hidden by the surrounding trees and placed far away from the nearest paved roads, was a castle!

        It was modern, no doubt about that. The ground floor looked like it was made of those large retaining wall blocks found along the highway, each big as a grown man, going three and a half meters up before revealing the first windows. From there the walls were blocks a little bigger than normal cinder blocks. Plenty of windows broke through the walls but on the ground floor he walls were solid and the first floor above the ground they were all thin slits just like she’d seen pictures of on old castles. You’d have to go up to the third story before a person could fit through any of the openings. Any doubt was removed by the square shape, maybe 25 meters long on each side, and a round tower built in place of each corner which extended a bit out from the walls and a full floor taller than the walls around it. The square teeth built of blocks all along the roof line completed the image. It was a castle, sitting in a meadow in the woods of the Rocky Mountains. What the fuck?

        She watched. The rest of the day she did nothing but watch the odd building and the area immediately around it. She learned quite a lot.

        First that this was a farm, going strong and supporting at least a few people. She saw two throughout the afternoon, a man and a woman who both seemed to be fit and healthy. She couldn’t tell ages from this distance. The property has smaller sheds, lean-tos and little stone towers around its edges, some in the open and others just seen through the trees climbing up the opposite hillside. The people worked the fields and buildings around the castle, running a tractor to clear weeds and spread something and putting out water and food for a variety of small animals all behind a variety of areas fenced in with tall wire mesh attached to what looked like telephone poles. She could identify at least chickens and goats from here. If they had spare food to keep animals alive and gas for a tractor, they were doing better than, well, anyone she’d seen in months.

        Maybe they had enough to share.

        The thought got her stomach grumbling and she tried not to get her hopes up. There were a million reasons they shouldn’t give her anything. She couldn’t shake the idea however, what if…

        It was getting dark and she was still out in the open. She had to find some shelter for tonight or she really might freeze, it had been getting cold enough. She decided one of those spread out towers might be a good idea. They had looked empty during the day and some were deep enough into the trees that she could sneak in and out without being seen.

        She reached one just as it was really getting dark and took a few minutes to make sure it was empty. Only a few meters across and one story tall, it looked solid enough to be carved out of the ground itself. It was made of the same smaller blocks as the upper levels of the castle and had tall thin windows looking in every direction. The one door was on the castle side so she’d have to wait until it was fully dark before trying it, and it looked just as solid as the surrounding wall. Some kind of dark wood with black metal straps across it in a pattern that covered the whole entrance, which wasn’t large. In fact she’d have to bend almost half way down just to fit through the low door. What an odd design she thought. This couldn’t be for a kid. Then she looked at it from the idea of trying to defend it and realized if she had to bend that far over to get in, anyone inside could easily hit her over the head as she went through.

        ‘Who would even think to build like that?’ She asked herself, and was answered by her own sarcastic response ‘people with solid walls to sleep behind and chickens to eat. They might be nuts but they got something right.’

        She crept to the door in the dark and gave it a gentle push. To her surprise it opened! Thick as it was it had been mounted on heavy hinges, really bent metal bars like a farm gate, and it opened easily at her touch. She took a deep breath and scuttled inside, standing again as soon as she was through the doorway. The interior was dark save for a little moonlight coming through the windows but she could see that it was open save for a bench running around the whole perimeter, and two shapes in the dark. She moved closer and saw the first was a barrel with a pump sticking out of the top. She tried it and water splashed onto the floor. She had water! She cupped her hands and did nothing but drink for a few minutes.

        When she finally stopped she moved over to check on the other shape while she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. As she got closer she saw what looked like a small box on a stand that held it up off the floor, and a pipe that went so the way up to the ceiling. It was a stove! She was so excited she stumbled towards it and her hand landed on the top, knocking something to the floor with a clatter. She reached down and felt a pile of small sticks. Matches!

        She looked around the room again hoping to find anything that would burn, that she could use to heat the small space tonight. She wouldn’t need much, but she couldn’t see a single thing. The walls, floor and bench were all stone, or concrete made to look like stone. She could burn her clothes but she knew that would screw her tomorrow.

        Well, as depressing as it was to stay next to a cold stove at least she was out of the wind for the night. She sat down with a flop and leaned against the metal box, tapping it with the back in her fingers. She absently pulled the handle and swung the little door open, looking inside.

        A neat pile of sticks and grass, with three pieces of firewood the size of her forearm around the sides and back. She was past considering anything but the cold and in seconds had a match lit and the tinder started. She closed the door and waited and in no time at all felt the whole box start to produce heat. The room stayed dark, she was warming up and had solid walls around her. Just like that she was falling asleep, her last conscious thought ‘what I wouldn’t give to feel like this every night.’ She couldn’t come up with any price too high before she drifted off…


        She sat bolt upright and looked frantically around. It took a second to remember where she was. She had slept until it was light outside! Now she’d have that much more trouble sneaking away. The stove was cold, the deceitful stove that pulled her into sleep and would have given her away if she’d been less lucky. She knew she was still hidden simply because nobody had come for her. They always did.

        She put all of the remaining matches in her pocket, drank her fill from the barrel pump, and silently opened the door. She stopped, and stared. In the center of the doorway was food. A small loaf of bread, the top cut off to show it has been hollowed out and filled with soup, and two eggs. The soup was steaming, so whoever left it had just been here. That must be what has woken her up. They knew she was here, the stove had given her away, and they knew and…

        They’d left food.

        With no agreements made or trades completed or as far as she could tell any even implied. She’d been looking for good people, and now whoever was in the castle has left her food, and she was terrified.

        Were they telling her that she was welcome? That she better take this and leave? Are they as scared as she was and trying to avoid a fight? That didn’t make sense, all they had to do was stay inside. Maybe they had so much food this was extra and they didn’t need it. Maybe they would let her stay.

        That last one was the most frightening of all and what she wanted more than anything. She’d found that the only thing worse than relying on other people was having no people. She knew the food could be poisoned, and she knew she’d eat it anyway. For the same reasons she would try to stay if she could, no matter the cost. On her own she was starving, freezing, and waiting to be caught by one of the awful groups out here.

        She ate everything, every last bite. There was no plate but the soup was warm and delicious and had soaked into the bread. The eggs had a fresh mealy taste she bet came from whatever the chickens were being fed. Every calorie was a gift and she found she still felt the hunger, acute and driving her towards the source of this wonderful food, but not bottomless like it had been. She found as her mind cleared that her hunger had been driving every decision for days and she felt like she could finally start to think clearly. She went over it all again and reached the same conclusion, she needed to go to the castle. If they could give away food maybe she could get more, or find a way to stay, or something.

        She left the tower, moving with a determination she’d been lacking for a long time. She had a destination. Not just running away but headed towards something. She tried to keep hope out of her mind but it was creeping in nonetheless.

        When she got out of the trees she expected someone to yell, to come out and talk to her, shoot at her. Anything. She got nothing, no reaction at all. She kept going.

        She got to the front, the only side with steps up to a door. There were garage doors on the ground floor that she hasn’t noticed from her hillside vantage, and she wondered why the front door would be a floor up. ‘For the same reason the tower door was so small,’ she told herself, ‘easy defense.’ The stairs made two flights changing direction with a landing in the middle and a small platform area in the front of the door. She was almost to the stairs when she heard a voice, coming from the last place she expected. Someone was behind her.

        “Stop there.” It sounded strong and confident, two things sure knew she was not right now. Male she was sure. She froze and started to turn around. “Face the stairs.” She stopped again and decided to just hold still. “What are you doing here?”

        She took a moment to pick the right words, words that might be the difference between cold starvation and warm safety.
        “I’m alone. I stay away from roads, from people. I saw the castle and…” And what? Why has she stayed the night? “I don’t know why I stayed last night.”

        There was silence for a time, then “Why come to the door now?”

        This one was easier. “You left me food.”
        The voice behind her didn’t say anything, and she rushed on worried that she’d already ruined everything. “I thought maybe you have extra and I could find a way to stay I can help whatever you need really I’ll do anything” The voice cut her off.

        “Stop.” She cut off and waited, shaking slightly. She almost thought she heard him chuckle, but what would be funny? “Turn around. Slowly. Keep your hands down.” She did as she was told and turned to find herself looking down the maw of a short, wide barrel. She would do whatever she was told to keep that gun from firing.

        He looked her up and down slowly, taking in everything she had with her, the dirt and scratches on every bit of exposed skin, the tight tired look on her face. He looked over her shoulder at something and she desperately wanted to look for herself, but the gun kept her attention to the front.

        “You leaving food out for strays?” The man asked and she was at a loss until she heard a new voice, a woman, from behind and above her. She must be on the stairs.

        “I left food for a lone young woman.”

        She wanted to speak up for herself but thought she had better let this play out between them.

        “She wants to stay now.” He didn’t sound angry which was a good sign. More kind of exasperated. Had the woman done this before?

        “Good!” The woman’s response surprized both her and the man from what she could see. She had an ally! Could she convince him as well?

        “Good? That she wants to stay?” He was definitely surprised. The gun drifted slightly away from her.

        “Mhmm.” She sounded amused, and something else. With so much going on it was hard to place it and not being able to see the speaker wasn’t helping. “Happy birthday Sir!” She heard the woman leave, the noise of the door at the top of the stairs she’d missed before obvious this time as it opened and closed. She was alone with the man as they both tried to make sense of what she’d said. She waited for him to speak as he looked her over again and more closely. She smiled in as friendly a manner as she could and simply waited.

        “Well you have plenty of self control.” He spoke so quietly it seemed he was speaking to himself but he was looking right at her. “And the strength to get here on your own…” he trailed off. His voice again raised in volume and took on a tone of command as he asked her “You’ll do anything? To stay?”

        She knew she was in dangerous territory but steeled herself and answered “ANYthing… Sir.” She added the title as a quick afterthought, but if that’s what the woman has called him then it couldn’t hurt. His mouth turned up in a smile and she breathed out a sigh of relief. A gamble that had paid off.

        “Take of your clothes.” His tone held no question, no option to debate. It was simply what she would do. She nearly choked.

        “Here?” Her voice has risen so high she didn’t recognize it as her own. “Now?”

        He grinned at her discomfort, bastard. Then he let her off the edge she’d been teetering on. “Not that, not now. They’re filthy, and probably carrying lice or fleas or who knows what. You’ll shower and change. New clothes.” He had lowered the barrel of the gun and motioned her towards the garage doors.

        “HOT water?!” Her excitement and disbelief were obvious and he smiled at her. She reached down to her waist and grabbed hold of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head in one smooth motion. She looked at him again, but if he was shocked by her exposed breasts he didn’t show it. Interest but not shock. His unashamed gaze made her suddenly shy and she turned away to push her pants down, only realizing after the fact that this gave him an even better view from behind as she did so. She blushed and turned to face him again and he looked… hungry for her. Even in the mess of a state she was in. Maybe she could use that.

        She had just started to open her mouth when he said “Everything.” He pointed to her waist and she looked down at what was left of her underwear. Worn through and stained, no great loss there. If he was trying to scare her off she’d show him she wasn’t going anywhere. She locked her eyes on his as she pushed them down and stepped out, standing in the chill air without a stitch to cover her. She left her hands by her sides, too tired to worry about what he could see. He seemed impressed.

        He finally broke eye contact and walked to the garage door, pulling aside a fake rock covering on the wall to reveal a button panel and sent the closer door rolling up.
        “Follow me.” He said, confident she would but without malice. She walked into the large ground floor garage with as much poise as she could muster, which was considerable since she was malnourished, naked and terrified. She walked behind him to a side room where he opened the door and motioned her past him. She entered and saw it was a bathroom; toilet, sink, and beauty of beauties a shower! She forgot him and practically skipped forward into the shower stall, carefully closing the glass door behind her and cranking the handles to send jets of steaming hot water cascading over her. She moaned loudly at the mix of pleasure and pain from the heat hitting her raw skin and relaxing the muscles underneath. She didn’t even scrub at first, just stood in the spray and let it wash away weeks and months of hard living and constant terror. When she felt she could start to be herself again, she opened her eyes and started to look around for soap.

        “In the dispenser on the wall,” he said, “We’ll be upstairs when you’re ready.” She had forgotten him for a moment and blushed deeply that he had been simply watching her shower. For some reason that seemed more intimate than watching her strip off the dirty rags outside or walk in here nude. She had let her guard down to enjoy with no concerns holding her back and he had been watching the whole time.

        She watched him leave and shut the bathroom door behind him. Who were these people? What role would she have if they let her stay?

        She thought on these questions as she put soap in her hand and began to run it over her abused skin, then stopped and looked back at the door when another thought hit her.

        Outside, when she thought she’d be disrobing for his pleasure, he hadn’t said “No.” He’d said “Not now.”


        She shut the water off and got out, pulling a towel from a rack on the wall and drying herself. She felt clean for the first time in she couldn’t remember how long! The water had run off her in brown rivulets for so long she wasn’t sure she would ever get rid of all the dirt, but now she was clean again and… And what? She’d have to go talk to the man and woman and see. After their odd conversation outside she couldn’t even guess at what staying might be like. She was quick, though, and would do whatever she could to win them over. She had called the man Sir and that has worked out so she’d keep it up. Every hint she could pick up about them might help her.

        She realized she had a problem. She was supposed to go upstairs to find them when she was done with the shower, but now she was dry and she had no clothes. The man had taken her old dirty outfit, carrying it off somewhere when he left. He hadn’t given her any replacements and there was nothing in the room. The towel rack had extras that were still dry but these weren’t huge beach towels by any stretch, closer to large hand towels. Small as she was she wouldn’t be able to get one wrapped all the way around her to hold itself up. She could walk out holding a towel in front of her but how ridiculous would that look?

        Funny how quickly her priorities shifted from survival at any cost to what other people might think of how she looked. She decided that if they wanted her dressed they could give her clothes. Maybe seeing her come upstairs in the nude would not only remind them that they’d forgotten to give her anything to wear but make them feel bad enough to win them over to her staying. They had to give her clothes, right?


        She left the towels behind and headed out into this strange building. Walking back into the garage she had a chance to look around and saw rough cut block walls that were concrete masquerading as stone, a few doors spread around, a work area with more tools than she could name and a big plastic wash basin, and two vehicles. A pickup truck and an SUV, both white with big black tires and both parked facing out of the garage doors. She has intended to find a way out and make a plan for escape in case she needed it, but the garage door she has entered through was still wide open. She could simply walk away if she wanted.

        Of course she was still missing anything to wear. She shivered and looked to the ground outside but couldn’t see her clothes anywhere. She walked over to the one open interior door on the other end of the garage and saw a small room with a flight of stairs heading up. Time to find out what she could about these people.

        She started up quietly and was glad she had when she heard voices above her. She crept as high as she could on stairs while staying hidden and stopped to listen.

        “…are we supposed to do with her? She’s helpless!” Man’s voice, talking to…

        “Train her. She got here on her own, and you know what it’s like out there now. She has to be tough as nails.” The woman again. Maybe it really was just the two of them here.

        “You’re right about that. When I told her to strip…” Water running, a sink.

        “I was watching.” She sounded happy, like she was smirking. What did she have to be so happy about? That another woman got naked in front of her guy?

        “And for the rest?” He sounded less sure now, treading carefully.

        The woman was confident enough for both of them. “Like I said, train her.” She heard footsteps getting closer, stopping near the top of the stairs. “She’s been listening right here, I’m sure she’s excited to come up and meet us.” The girl looked up and found the woman’s eyes, warm and welcoming with a hint of something predatory. “Come up dear, we won’t bite. Yet.”

        Another of their weird jokes. She came up slowly, trying to keep an eye on both of them while also getting a look around. The woman was watching her carefully, long dark hair flowing over a bright red bathrobe. The stairs opened into a dining room with a big wooden table and chairs that looked like carved thrones, big surprise in a castle. The floor was tiled but looked like wood boards and this continued back into an open kitchen. That’s where she had heard the sink, and the man standing by it. He was wearing jeans, boots, a plaid shirt so clean it made her intensely aware of her nakedness, and incongruously an apron. He was cooking! The plainness of the activity struck her and she almost started tearing up, which didn’t escape the woman’s notice.

        “It’s really alright dear,” she said gently, “I was only joking.”

        The girl took a few deep breaths and steadied herself then climbed the last few steps, looking back and forth between her hosts and saying “It’s not that. The cooking… I haven’t seen anyone cook in a kitchen in…”

        She trailed off as the woman walked in front of her towards the kitchen and opened her mouth in awe as the man said “Would you like some breakfast?” She started towards them and the chairs in front of the counter, then again she realized she was still naked.

        “Umm…” they were looking right at her so it wasn’t a secret but she felt suddenly unsure how to ask for more than they’d already given her. “I don’t have any clothes.”

        They both smiled and the man responded matter of factly “No, you don’t. And you look delicious by the way.” She looked to the woman to see how she would react to him talking that way, but the older woman seemed completely at ease with it. Stranger and stranger. “But you’re right, can’t have you walking around like that.” He got a stern look in his eyes. “Not alone anyhow. Mistress,” his tone became commanding again as he turned to the woman. “Everything off.”

        “Yes Sir.” The girl had only begun to process that as she watched the woman undo the belt of her bathrobe and push it back to drop to the floor. Underneath she was athletic and had curves in all the right places, as well as being clean and well fed which these days meant a lot more. The girl looked back and forth between them and started to ask, “What…”

        She was cut off as the man pulled two chairs away from the counter and beckoned them both forward. “Come and sit. You can eat and we’ll talk about what staying with us will entail.”



        If she hadn’t spent the last few days, weeks, and months so hungry she might have had her fork half way to her mouth while it hung open. But she knew this was her best chance to put on calories, even if the circumstances were bizarre. Bacon, “because it’s a special occasion” they had said; a pile of pancakes as high as they were wide, “eat all you want” they had said; fresh orange juice, “from the greenhouse” they said. A greenhouse!

        What gave her pause, or would have with the old her, was everything else they had said. There had been a lot before they let her just process it all and eat. She kept eating as she thought. Games, after care, training, affection, balance, as well as security, defense, farming, so much more. Too much.

        The parts that kept going around in her head were just a few words that had come up, used casually but carrying the weight of the whole conversation.

        Safety. Servitude. Submission.

        She could stay. Eat until she was full, sleep without worrying who would come for her. She would learn self defense, weapons, and so many things to help them keep this place safe or that she could use on her own. She’d help with the farming, taking care of the animals, planting and weeding and reaping the crops, all things that would help get her in anywhere else. So much she could learn, so much trust and responsibility for someone they just met. Also a place, somewhere she could stay and build and belong even for a short time.

        And all it would cost her was… her. How had they put it? ‘Any time, any place, any thing we command.’ She got the impression it would mostly be coming from the man, umm, from Sir. She’d have to call him Sir all the time. And do anything either of them told her to do. No matter what it was, all she would be allowed to say was “Yes Sir” or “Yes Mistress”. Her mind was boggling with the possibilities of what they could demand. All of this with her sitting here naked head to toe, the woman next to her the same, and the man fully clothed and serving them breakfast. Strangest conversation of her life.

        It really came down to a simple question though: Was anything they’d ask or demand going to be worse than being out there on her own?

        That made it easy.

        She took her time chewing and swallowed her mouthful, took a sip of juice to wash her mouth out, and sat up straight to speak clearly. She got the impression that manners were important to them both, especially Mistress, and wanted them happy with her. The titles were actually pretty easy if she just thought of them as names.

        “Sir,” She began and they both smiled. A good start. “I would like to stay.”

        “You’re willing to help, and learn, and take care of this castle and farm with us?” His tone was neutral, maybe a hint of excitement.


        “Yes what?” A bit more stern.

        “Yes Sir?” She wasn’t sure of the rules and seemed to need to figure them out herself. She’d gotten this one right however because he softened again and the woman next to her nodded.

        “Better. Don’t forget again. You’re willing to do as you’re told, by either of us, immediately and without hesitation?”

        “Yes…Sir.” She caught herself. This might take more getting used to than she’d thought.

        He was smiling at them both as he took off his apron and came around to their side of the counter. “Excellent! Are you done eating? Good. Both of you follow me.” He walked into the next room, really just around an open corner she hadn’t had a chance to look past yet, and following she found a large open room with tall thin windows along the exterior wall and a similar tiled floor to the dining room. The interior wall however had large windows which looked into a central courtyard in which she got just a glimpse of plants and sun. The center of the interior wall held a giant fireplace which was where the wonderful heat had been coming from all this time. She wasn’t wearing a stitch and yet had been nicely comfortable, at least as far as temperature was concerned. To either side of the fireplace and facing it were two large leather recliners accented in dark wood and bright steel buttons along the edges situated on a beautiful rug.

        Sir made his way to one of them and sat, motioning both women to the space between him and the fireplace. Was she supposed to sit in the other chair? Was Mistress? She was watching them both as closely as she could for clues to stay on her best behavior. She really wanted to stay here.

        “Both of you stand in front of me.” She followed the other woman and stood looking at him, unsure of what to do with herself. He saw this and grinned. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell you exactly what I want you to do, and to make it easy Mistress will do everything right alongside you. Won’t you Mistress?”

        “Yes Sir.” No hesitation, immediate happy compliance. Alright, she thought, I can do that too.

        Sir sat back making himself more comfortable and started giving them instructions.

        “Raise your arms up over your head, stretch for me.” Mistress did first, hands together and arms up she twisted and stretched, elongating her body and pushing out her chest. The girl tried to emulate her, stretching herself up and pushing her hips forward and her chest out to accentuate her curves. They weren’t as full as she would have liked but she thought she still cut a striking figure. She looked at Sir and if the bulge in his pants was any indication he agreed. Yes, she thought, I can do this.

        “Run your hands over yourself slowly. Trace yourself.” He commanded them both, and this time they reacted together. Both women running their hands down their sides from top to bottom. Cupping their breasts, tracing fingers along rib lines and the inward curves of the pelvis. She looked over at Mistress and saw the older woman move a hand between her legs, her fingers gently seeking herself out and beginning to spread her own wetness over her lips. ‘Why not?’ She thought, and moved her hand to do the same, following the lines of her hips down and in until she had her fingers positioned over herself and was somewhat surprised to find she was getting wet. She’d never done anything like this, never shown off for one person let alone two! Apparently she liked it. ‘Well,’ She thought, ‘there are worse things than enjoying this.’ She entered her lips with a newly wet finger and began to rub her clit, enticing it out from its hood.

        She heard an intake of breath and looked at Sir to find him watching her intently, his erect cock in his hand. ‘Nice’ She thought. She liked what she saw, a good girth and enough length she didn’t think she’d had bigger but also didn’t think he would hurt. She decided to let herself simply enjoy whatever else happened today and not worry about thinking it all through until later. Warm, fed, desired and asked, not told to be with these two. Well if she were being honest she was absolutely being told, but enjoying it immensely. Consensually commanded, she guessed it was. She smiled at that and locked eyes with Sir as her fingers slid inside her and curled up to press just right.

        She kept eye contact with him as she built herself towards climax, letting go of all her worries for once and just enjoying the moment. The warmth on her back, the feeling of the soft carpet between her toes, the look of heat and want she was getting from the man in front of her. He was good looking, could keep her safe, and had an actual castle! She hadn’t figured her personal fairy tale would include another woman or anything like this but that didn’t mean she wasn’t liking it so far.

        She turned to watch Mistress now that the woman has come back into her thoughts. Tall and well built, dark hair and bright eyes in a sharp face, softened now by the looks she was giving them both. She’d never been with a woman but could admit to herself, if no one else, that there wasn’t much of a line between seeing a woman in a movie or TV show as attractive and being fully attracted to them. If she had a type then this woman was pretty close.

        When Mistress noticed her watching she turned towards her and took a step closer. She could see immediately where this might lead but was fully in the moment now and ran with it, stepping towards Mistress on her own. A glance towards Sir saw him slowly stroking himself as his eyes flicked back and forth between the two of them.

        She turned her full attention to Mistress and suddenly she was there, pressing their bodies together. Where Mistress has been running her free hand idly over herself now it was tracing along her back and sides, over her neck and the line of her chin. When Mistress ran her fingers down her chest and circled her nipple she must have felt the girl tense in anticipation. Mistress grinned knowingly and her fingers closed on the nipple, pinching tightly as her other hand made its way to her back and held them pressed together.

        The unexpected pain alongside the softness of the full body contact was too much and as she kept working her own fingers in and over her she felt herself crash into climax. Her hand continued to work fingers in and out of herself, curling to press up against her g-spot as her thumb rubbed her clit. The orgasm was so intense she threw her other hand up to hang on to Mistress’ shoulder to keep from collapsing on the spot. Mistress for her part held her up and close, both hands now keeping her upright just as they wouldn’t let any space appear between the two of them. It was controlling and intimate all at once and sent another wave of sensation coursing through her. She let out a cry and was totally unconcerned with what they would think, her only thoughts on the shattering feeling she was experiencing.

        As she calmed and began to regain control of herself she looked back towards Sir. Still in the chair, he was now sitting at its front edge and has taken off his pants completely. Through the haze of sensation she was riding she got an impression of strong legs, dark hair and good sized balls along with confirmation of the nice cock she has seen some of before.

        Seeing her getting some self control back, Sir spoke to them both again. “Very nice. I’m glad you two are playing so well together.” She could feel herself blush, heart spreading over her face and breasts at that but Mistress still wouldn’t let her go, and if she were honest with herself she didn’t really want to be let go. “Come over here,” he commanded them, “both of you. On your knees.”

        They covered the few steps and lowered down together, as if they had been doing this for years. Once on their knees some of her trepidation returned and she looked to Mistress as the example. Seeing the woman edge herself closer to Sir she followed suit, and in moments both women were on their knees side by side and looking up at him mere inches from his crotch. He had his knees spread wide and her eyes left his face to take in the hard dick only inches away staring her in the face. She had thought before that she could take it no problem, but now with clothing out of the way and its full length on display she wasn’t as sure.

        “Good girls,” He stated, looking at each of them in turn. He leaned back again and commanded “Lick every bit of me.”

        Mistress readily leaned in, tongue out and ran it along the length of him from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock. Seeing him shudder the girl knew she wanted to elicit the same reaction and leaned in as well. Mistress was staying on him, running her tongue in circles around his tip so she could only approach from below. She wrapped her own lips around one of his hanging balls, sliding the weight of it over her tongue spread flat. She was rewarded with a moan of pleasure from her Sir and she grinned. She didn’t know what he liked yet but she knew what all men liked and she was determined to be the one to get him off.

        She worked his nuts one after the other while Mistress concentrated on his shaft, both sets of their hands on his legs and thighs as their mouths moved over every inch of his genitals. She was loving his groans and growls but she wanted to be the one at the center if it. She gently but firmly tried to move up, pushing Mistress’ face aside with her own as she ran her lips up his shaft. Mistress chuckled and moved out of the way, sitting back a little to watch her work instead of taking the spot on his ballsack as she’d anticipated.

        She was working him on her own now, sliding her lips up and down from base to tip in a rhythm and hearing his breathing match her pace. She was sure she had him. The next time she went to the top she let her lips pop over to take his engorged tip into her mouth then slowly, ever so slowly, she lowered herself back down his length at a crawling pace. She ran her tongue over the sensitive underside of him again and again as she took him deeper into her mouth, sliding down the cock of this man she had only met a few hours before. She had decided against too much thinking and held to that, just enjoying the smooth silky feel of his erect dick sliding over her tongue.

        When she’d taken as much of him as she comfortably could she found she was still five centimeters of more away from his base. She would love to have this dick fucking her. The surprise thought made her moan around him and she felt Mistress’ hands land softly on her shoulder and the back of her head. Mistress leaned close and said to her in a voice full of heat “Suck him, and when you start to cum take him as deeply as you can.” She didn’t have more than a moment to think about that before she felt Mistress’ hand leave her shoulder and send shivers through her as it ran down her spine. It didn’t stop, instead sliding under the curve of her ass to slip fingertips right into the dripping wetness between her legs.

        She moaned again, her mouth full of cock and her pussy being fingered by a woman for the first time. She was floating as she began to bob her head up and down, sucking for all she was worth. She lost most of her finesse in her haste but more than made up for it in enthusiasm. While she ran her mouth up and down his shaft suctioned tight, she felt Mistress expertly working fingers inside of her to rub and press repeatedly against her g-spot and bring her quickly to another climax.

        She felt herself tighten around Mistress’ hand as shudders shot the length of her body, and suddenly Mistress’ other hand still on the back of her head was pressing firmly downward. She let it guide her down onto him, taking him as deeply as she had the first time he’d entered her mouth then pressing inexorably further. She tried to relax and get as much of him into her mouth as she could, feeling his tip passing over the back of her tongue and begin pressing into her throat. She’d never had a guy this deeply before and was rocked by another full body shudder. She was cumming hard as Mistress pressed down harder, forcing her onto Sir’s cock. She was being used by these two, Mistress forcing her down to be throat fucked by Sir, and she found she was loving it. She felt him push into her throat with his tip and the beginning of his shaft at least and could only hold on to his thighs as she simultaneously came harder than she could ever remember with Mistress’ fingers still pressing inside her and Sir’s dick shoved down her reflexively spasming throat.

        She felt him cum then, accompanied by a roar from above her. The warmth of his semen burst into her throat as she felt him pulsing along his whole length pressing down on her tongue. She could only ride out the overwhelming sensations as she took shot after shot of his load so deeply she didn’t even taste it. She felt each pulse as a warm jolt along her tongue and a splash against the back of her throat and she was climaxing with each new pump, peaking together with him.

        When he was, finally, spent she felt him relax above and her Mistress’ hand allowed her to back off, gagging a bit as she pulled herself off him. Mistress removed her fingers from inside her and sucked each one clean in turn, then leaned close and took the girl’s head in her hands. Turning her face towards her own Mistress kissed her, another surprise as she used her tongue to push between her lips and explore her mouth. The girl responded after only a second, kissing back with the same exploratory enthusiasm. She’d never kissed a woman before, but that seemed a small addition to her list of firsts today.

        “Miss,” Sir said in a husky satisfied voice after a few moments of watching them with each other, “Lick me clean.” She realized he was speaking to her, and she leaned in again to lick her own saliva off him and finally get a taste of him from the little bit of cum left exiting his tip. She savored this and heard them both chuckle deeply. “You’ll get plenty more Miss.” He promised her. “You belong to us and I promise you’ll be swallowing all the cum you could want.”

        She responded immediately, “Yes Sir” and continued to clean him with her tongue. She’d have to see how it went, but so far she loved being owned.

        After a minute he said “Well done Ladies.” She sat back on her heals and looked up at him to meet his smile. “Mistress will find you a robe and give you a tour while I get some chores done.” This time he took on an air of command again as he continued. “You will wear only a robe, or outfits we give you, or nothing at all until I say otherwise. Do you understand Miss?”

        She nodded and told him “Yes Sir.” She continued in a haze “And my name is…”


        He cut her off. “Your name is Miss, for now. Do you understand?” He repeated.


        “Yes Sir.” Quick, happy obedience. Just like Mistress.

        “Good girl.” He turned to Mistress as his gaze grew darker. “As for you, you gave away food without talking to me about it first, and knew about a stranger on our land and didn’t tell me.”

        She paled and said in a rush “But she’s great! Aren’t you happy I got her for you Sir?”

        “I am,” he admitted, “but that doesn’t excuse what you’ve done. It will lessen the punishment, to…” he thought for a moment as Mistress held her breath. Miss found herself doing the same. “Half a night in the stocks.”

        Mistress squeaked in fear and paled slightly then made a conscious effort to control herself. Whatever the stocks were had to be very unpleasant for her to react like that and Miss was frightened for her without really understanding. She had a terrible feeling that she’d find out sooner than she liked. “Yes Sir” Mistress said, and Sir merely nodded then stood and began to gather his clothes.

        “Get Miss something to wear and show her around. Make sure she knows the rules. I’ll see you two in a while.” He leaned over Mistress, still waiting on her knees, and kissed her deeply. She strained upward to meet him, drawing out the kiss as long as she could before he pulled away. When he did he then leaned down over Miss and kissed her as well, a shorter but entirely pleasant connection she hadn’t expected. “You, Miss, did wonderfully.” She found herself beaming with pride at the compliment and was smiling as he walked away from them.

        Mistress seemed to shake herself loose from whatever worries she had about her impending promised punishment and turned to the other woman kneeling beside her. “I’m still glad you’re here. I’d do exactly the same thing again,” She whispered conspiratorially, “just don’t tell him that.” She winked and they both laughed. “Come on,” She said as she got to her feet and held out a hand to help Miss do the same, “I’ll show you around.”


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