Things That Ladybug Gave Me

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    That’s how I first met Ladybug. You may know her as Emily, Em, or LordEmtheDinosaur. The important thing is that you were one of the privileged who got to know her. This was the way she would often appear in chat. She was a force of life and energy whenever she arrived. I wish I remembered the first thing she ever said to me. We became chat friends quickly. Chat friends are those you talk to only in chat. Often, this can lead to a true friendship. This is how it went with Ladybug.

    We hadn’t really spoken or interacted much at the time when she handed me a dead leaf. May have been a dead bug. She came to hand me many things in chat. My response was *puts dead leaf in Collection of Dead Things That Ladybug Gave Me*. This, of course, excited her more and I was soon being handed numerous things on a regular basis. Along with the Collection of Dead Things That Ladybug Gave Me, there was the Collection of Live Things That Ladybug Gave Me and the Collection of Random Things That Ladybug Gave Me. No matter what was going on, Ladybug would give me something and I would put it in one of the collections.

    Our friendship truly advanced when she asked for a private chat. She was trying to get pregnant and was upset, stressed, and worried that it wasn’t happening. We talked for awhile. In the end, she had calmed. I had convinced her to relax and just enjoy the trying. It would happen in time. The conversation ended with me saying that, when she did get pregnant, she really didn’t have to name it after me. When she found out she was pregnant and found me in chat, she was so excited to tell me. I started calling the baby Namesake. Which, of course, she found hilarious. Even more hilarious to her was that Jasper, apparently not knowing of the conversation, actually chose my name for the baby’s middle name. After awhile, I spent some time away from chat. When I returned, I found out that she had lost the baby. She said it was okay, but I knew better.

    Somewhere along the way, our contact moved outside of chat and our conversations increased. When she found out she was pregnant again, she told me to keep it secret. She didn’t want most people knowing because of what happened before. She was excited, but also scared. I referred to this baby as the Passenger. I felt special when Jasper contacted me to tell me she had given birth and both were fine. I couldn’t call the baby the Passenger anymore, so she became Babybug and the older daughter was the Averysaur.

    Ladybug still worried. She worried about the kids. She worried about being a good mother. Most of all, she worried about Jasper. But, she didn’t let it stop her. She was, is, and will always be an unstoppable force of love, life, and energy.

    She had questions about everything but never questioned who you were. She wanted the best for everyone. Your happiness was as important to her as her own. She would message you just when you needed her and didn’t realize you did. Your day was always brighter with her in it.

    Ladybug accepted you for who you are and respected your decisions. If she tried to get you to do something, it was either play or she knew it was good for you. I playfully put things in collections of things that Ladybug gave me. But, she had her own collection. It was us. The people she cared about. She took really good care of each of us.

    Ladybug gave me more than I realized. Her friendship was just the beginning. I miss her and I always will.

    From your Knight:

    Ladybug, long may you Rawr.


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    Oh Dean – this made me cry. I think that your friendship was a lot like the one that I had with her. It is so hard to share everything and then not. But like you are, I am so very grateful for the chance to get the time that I did. This is a gorgeous tribute to her and what she meant to you. Hugs xx

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