The Mighty Midnight Mauler

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      Finished ProductThis is the finished product ready for use.  I added the wooden frame to keep my sub from moving around.  Really expensive machines have a spring connecting the dildo to the shaft to allow for more motion.  If a machine lacks this, the sub needs to be strapped down to maintain the correct posture.

      Before I go into the details of construction, a disclaimer.  I was able to obtain most of the parts from work out of the trash.  Discontinued or obsolete parts.  If I had to do this over, I’d buy one, and I’d expect to pay $500 or £390.48.







      To the right is the gear box with a custom shaft to the rotary arm.  The arm is connected to the shaft with a key way.  A groove in the shaft and arm that match up and a piece of metal is inserted to lock them together.  The connecting rod in the middle has Spherical Ends (that is the name), the tips rotate freely preventing binding.  Finally to the mounting plate, which rides on the rails on nylon sleeves.  This is a really expensive piece, sometimes dumpster diving is worth it.


      Here are the parts assembled somewhat, using Clevis Pins.








      A close up of the mounting plate and main shaft.  The shaft is attached to the back plate with a large screw.



















      I had to add a Nylon Pillow Block to help support the shaft and decrease friction. One is lying flat on the table on the right.






      The motor… had to add a second to produce enough torque to get the “job” done.  I still have to shave the drive shafts of the motors down.






      So, controls.  This is a PS3 controller paired to a Bluetooth dongle inserted in an Arduino Mega, which is under a speed controller shield.  I tried a laptop power supply, but an internal breaker kept tripping, so I found an old 12v DC supply and used it.  The bonus of this method, is that I could program various functions to the buttons, speeds, emergency stop, go Go GO, etc.  This can almost be a post by itself.













      Safety shield keeping naughty bits from pinchy bits.

      The Stand, good old PVC plumbing pipe.  I pinch the vertical pipes between rubber washers to hold the machine in place.  Finding the balance point was critical.


      If you have questions feel free to ask.  I’m still tinkering with this.  I’m researching stiffer dildos for it.  BTW: the dildo adapter is from Etsy and fits Doc Johnson Vac-u-Loc dildos.






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      Great post Boris.  I got to the end and thought, ‘I could have a go at this,’ and then read the PS2 controller bit. Way out of my skill set!  However, I’m thinking that some piping and an old bike frame could have possibilities. Pedal power!

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        You might be onto something…a much better way to get a cardio workout in.

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