The Joy Of Pain

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      Okay, maybe “Joy” is too strong a word, but there are plenty of folks (male and female) who enjoy pain: why is that? After all, it hurts.

      Pain is a sensation like any other, like the breeze on your face or even orgasm: they are all just sensations. Now, you have an instinctive aversion to the sensation of pain and for good reason: it’s nature’s warning system that something is causing you harm. But what if there is no harm? As humans instead of animals we can override our instincts if we know intellectually that we are safe.

      Skydivers overcome the instinctive fear of falling and jump out of the plane becasue they know the parachute keeps them safe. All the time they are falling their instincts are screaming danger! but they know there is no danger and just enjoy the adrenaline rush. Have you ever picked up something hot and forced yourself not to drop it? Your mind overruled your instinct to avoid pain.

      If you can get past the instinct to run away from pain then it is just another sensation, and it can be a very enjoyable one. Have you ever had play that involved clamping your nipples and left them sore? Remember relishing and savoring the soreness afterward? That’s literally enjoying pain.

      One thing enjoyable about pain is simply the intensity of it. Espresso is very bitter: it doesn’t taste good, it tastes strong, and the intensity is what appeals. And don’t forget that  your body will react to pain by releasing endorphins, also enjoyable.

      Context matters greatly. The pain of nipple clamps is lovely when you’re being fucked and both you and your Master are having fun, but the exact same sensation can be horrible if it’s a real punishment for a real mistake. The context changes your mindset from “I’m choosing this and wow! is it intense and exciting” to “OMG I shouldn’t be here, this shouldn’t be happening and I hate it.”

      Finally, there is the satisfaction of accomplishment, the pride of doing something extremely difficult, the submission of enduring in order to please your Master in ways not one woman in ten thousand can.


      My thoughts on the subject: offered for free and worth every penny.


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      You really nailed this. Especially the part about satisfaction and pride.

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