The Gagging Hood

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      The Gagging Hood


      Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a full hood to be used in forceable deep throat training. I like classic leather, of course, but I hear the kids these days are doing nice things with vinyl.

      Pushing yourself deep into a bound woman and feeling her throat spasm as she gags on your member is not only a very pleasing sensation erotically but also a huge Dom rush. I’d say it’s arguably the most sexually dominating thing a man can do to a woman. And the sounds she makes as she gags, the way she gasps for air when released, the tears that well up then spill over… all incredibly arousing to a cruel Dom.

      Besides: it’s guaranteed to make you feel well hung, lol.

      Custom made by our resident LeatherMan based on a list of careful measurements the hood fits perfectly; the leather is supple and smooth with wire trim sewn in under the eyes and over the nose to retain shape. Her nose and mouth are uncovered, all the rest encased in snug black leather laced up the back and curving perfectly around her head and throat. It envelopes her, taking away sight and muffling hearing, but most of all it makes her feel both cut off from the world and no longer herself.

      The experience of being hooded is different, deeper, more frightening, than the experience of being blindfolded. The way your entire head is in its own full bondage makes it feel almost separate from your body, not unlike being in stocks. It’s a psychological effect I’m poorly describing secondhand: I’m hoping for some replies that explain it better from experience.

      And how do you look to the man tightening the laces? Not like you.

      Faceless, anonymous, a female body there to be used. That your mouth is uncovered indicates what form that use might take, and the three straps serving as handles also offer a clue. Actually, they make it fucking obvious.

      Five inches or so with a trio of shiny studs holding down each end and enough slack to wrap your fingers around, they are perfectly sized for a full hand grip. What this thing is intended for is so obvious that just seeing it is scary.

      Three handles? Yes. A matched vertical pair on the sides for a two-handed grip, conveniently angled for reaching down from above, and a single one on top running side-to-side. The single one is terrific: grab her by the top of the head one-handed and ride her face while using the free hand to wield a whip or crop, then switch grips to two-handed once her back and ass are sufficiently marked. Having a good, solid hold on both sides you have absolute control of her entire head, plenty of leverage to drag her down, perfect position for thrusting in, and a strong grip to keep her from pulling away. The name “Gagging Hood” is quite appropriate.

      p.s. Ironically, the harder you train a girl at deep throat the more quickly you lose the pleasure of making her gag. You’ve only got so much cock, after all, and once she gets good enough to handle that… oh well.


      CruelsSexPuppet is my collared slave and offers her thoughts:

      I think it’s safe to say my Master was a little surprised when I was interested in the idea of a leather hood. I have a lot of trouble with anxiety, and being closed in or trapped is a big trigger for me. So wrapping my head in a leather hood probably didn’t seem like a great idea, but I showed Him a picture of one that cut away at the nose, leaving the bottom of the face uncovered. I felt fairly certain that I would be able to handle this type and was excited to try. My Master contacted LeatherMan, I sent him the measurements he required, and the hood was constructed.

      My Master had told me that He was adding some extra features to the hood, specifically a handle on each side for holding while guiding His cock into my mouth. Unknown to me, He had a third handle added on the top of the hood, so He could get a different grip as needed. I saw the hood for the first time during our visit in Las Vegas, and it was beautiful, handles and all. LeatherMan did an amazing job, and the fit was perfect. The hood laces up the back, allowing for a nice, tight fit.

      I had expected to feel at least a little bit of anxiety but I felt none. I loved wearing the hood, the smell of the leather, the feel of it against my skin. The wire around the eyes and nose ensured it stayed in place and kept out the light, and the thickness of the leather muffled the sounds in the room. I felt slightly disconnected from what was going on around me. When my Master took my mouth, it was a different experience. I no longer had my eyes to guide me; instead my Masters hands looped through the handles on the hood moved or held my head where He wanted it. Instead of me sucking His cock, He was fucking my mouth. It was an intensely pleasurable feeling, being used as He wanted, guided by His hands.

      One thing I don’t identify with is the anonymity many feel wearing a hood gives. I understand the concept, and even that I may be nothing more than a set of holes to my Master when hooded, but that feeling does not transfer to me. I don’t feel different when wearing it. I am still SexPuppet.

      We have used the Gagging Hood several times now, and I have loved it every time. The open face is perfect for me and has yet to trigger any anxiety or panic when wearing it. It’s been a great addition to our play time.


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      MJL’s Vixen Lee

      Wow. Now I need a viewing with her wearing her hood. Maybe one day in the future. I know she is striking with it on while in use for her Master…VL

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      I love the two-voice approach to the same topic.  It’s fascinating and really well done!  Thank you both!


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      I’ll second the two voice approach! Very informative about what a sub might be feeling.
      As for the Doms feelings I have to agree; there is almost nothing as thrilling as a submissive choosing to be used over choosing to breathe. If you are giving this sort of play a shot for your Dom, don’t hold back on sounds, gagging, coughing, spitting or begging. Every bit of it is intoxicating.

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