The Forest God


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    Mieux Vanille

    This poem came to me almost in a dream, just as I was coming to consciousness one morning about 20 years ago. It’s about my husband, who has become my own personal Forest God. As the words came to me I had a vision of him as a beautiful, naked Pan like God of the Forest surrounded by beautiful nymphs and faeries all there to do his sexual bidding while he watched, slowly stroking his cock in a languid fashion.

    Many years later, I wrote a companion to it for myself. Neither are explicit, and mine is not really erotic at all, though it speaks of our core nature in both. After all these years I’m now inspired to take these a step further and write a part two perhaps, in the safety of a place where I can, and would enjoy, making them more explicit.

    The Forest God

    His touch reaches out in the night,
    A shadows kiss,
    Soft on the evening breeze it caresses flesh,
    A gift of shivers placed at the feet of the soul,
    The power within it’s delicate nature confounding all logic,
    It entices the bud to unfurl tightly bound petals,
    The blossom brought forth in luscious dewdrop laden sweetness.


    Luhtanisse Nornonis ~The Sweet Enchantress

    She is the enchantment of night,
    The spell of daylights shimmering glow
    Who calls the elements to play with just a smile.
    Sweet song of the falcon
    As it cries on the night wind.
    Warmth of the hearthfire
    comforting in a passionate blaze.
    Rainfall that melds soothing drops
    into an endless sea.
    The silent wisdom of a deep forest
    older than time.

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    This is beautiful Mieux Vanille.

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