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      The Doxy Diecast Wand has to be the single best toy that we have bought so far and although it was pretty pricey, it was worth every penny. It not only looks amazing, it is also a quality piece of kit in terms of the power and the vibrations. Even on the lowest setting it has a lot to offer and because of the weight it does not leave you feeling numb. We have had ours for two years now and even with heavy use it is as good as the day we bought it. We have a sleek silver one, but I see that they are now offering the diecast in a variety of cool colours too. If you are based in the UK or Europe and are looking for a wand, then this is the one for you.

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      I just bought the Palm Power cordless wand for Jessie. In a review it came out almost as powerfull as the Doxy, but for only half the price. I’m very curious if she will like it!

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