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    Please add your thoughts below on what the best things are for you about being in a Dominant/submissive relationship.

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    Beth [MM]

    Our communication has been enhanced. The sex is awesome. We both feel freer to embrace our chosen roles. He gets to be in charge and I don’t have to be; if he wants to delegate he can then I work under his direction.

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    For me there are so many things that I enjoy about this sort of relationship and will echo what Beth has said above. I think the two things that really stand out though that I wouldn’t get any other way are the intimacy and the intensity.

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    Miss DJ

    I’m just beginning in this style of relationship but it’s with someone that’s equally as interested as I am. He’s no stranger to me as we’ve been friends for a long time and in a customary relationship for years outside our own. So far, the best thing for me is knowing I can step into this new world without worry or concern for my safety. I know we can openly speak on the subjects at hand which we do quite often, and I know if it’s too much, that’s it. For someone like me that doesn’t know how much I exactly want as far as limits, this is great for me.

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    Everything!!! My Sir and I are like newlyweds, and we have been married for over 28 years! I did not think it was possible to gain a greater love, understanding, and desire for My Sir, but it has happened again and again over that last year since we added D/s into our relationship. It’s so hard not to tell our married kids that they should give D/s a try.

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    Very interesting reading everyone’s best bits about D/s!  One of the many positives of D/s is that so many practictioners want to talk about it with such enthusiasm.  It is the best kept secret because many of us cannot tell people we know of the benefits as it would have them running for the hills!  On the up side, when we do engage with other people in this dynamic it can be so liberating to talk openly about TTWD!

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