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      Missy (Founder)

      Please leave your suggestions for topic chats here 🙂

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      Hello Missy,

      I have an idea, I’m not sure if this happens now so if it does please disregard this post.

      I was thinking of having a focused discussion on a single type of kink each week or so. LittleOne and I have found many new kinks that we really enjoy and some we don’t. By talking to others.

      We often think we have structured our dynamic to how we want and can’t imagine it getting any better.

      For example recently we have gotten into rope. In the beginning I was opposed to rope, but after getting to know some people on Fet and getting together, rope is one of our favorite kinks.

      Possible topics:

      Fire play, breath play, suspension, and introducing additional play partners as well as many others.

      Im thinking that there may be others on this site that might not even be aware that some of these kinks even exist.

      Hope I’m not rambling ?

      Thank you Missy

      Mr. D

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      Missy (Founder)

      Hi Mr D,

      We currently have the Dom and sub discussions on a Thursday at 8pm (UK time), and the focussed topic chats on a Tuesday at 8.30pm (UK time) and every second Thursday at 8pm (Eastern Time).  If you wanted to lead one of these then we could add you to the calendar or if you wanted to do something more regular (or a series even) then we could set you up for that at a time that would work for you. Our idea was always that others could be involved and lead chats and discussions on topics of interest or specialist knowledge so we would welcome you doing that if you and LittleOne wanted to. Let me know what you think and what times etc would work for you.

      Missy 🙂

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