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      Hi all. I got my husband to agree to be my master. But hoping someone can help with day by day submissive training schedule. I want to make life easier for him, before he drops this. He is only doing this because i want this. So we are total newbies, i am doing allot of research.

      Thx so much in advance.

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      Beth [MM]

      Submissive training is rather personal, and should (in my opinion) take into consideration the needs and wants of both the Dom and sub. What works for one relationship might not be good for another. I’ve not done nor been asked to do much formal submissive training. Real Service by Joshua Tenpenny might give you some help in figuring out how you two want to structure you relationship. There is no “one right way” to do this.

      I would also suggest your husband think about how this type of relationship can benefit him and meet some of his needs. He’s more likely to want to stay with it if he can reap some benefits. Are there parts of your relationship he would like more control over? Parts he would like to delegate? Habits he would like changed? Etc?

      Communication is the biggest key that my husband and I have found to making any relationship successful. Be patient with each other, good luck and have fun.

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