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      I’m new to this, but excited.


      For So long I have tried to figure out why I’m so different and now, I understand.


      Though I’m new, this feels so right and my Dom is so wonderful with me.

      Any tips or advice would be appreciated and so would some friends. I don’t know anyone else living this life, so I feel a little alone and all by myself. ?

      Any advice, tips, or pointers would be greatly appreciatedappreciated.

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      Beth [MM]

      Welcome! If you can, come to the chats, see the events calendar for the days and times. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have in chat or here in the forum. No ones D/s looks like anyone else’s, each person/relationship needs to make it their own. I suggest you do a lot of research, we have a lot of information in the resources forum. Take the things you like or are interested in and leave the things you don’t like. There is no one right way to be kinky. Have fun exploring.

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      You have come to the right place! I, too, was lonely when we first started our D/s relationship because it is not something that I can talk about with anyone but My Sir. Finding Missy and HisLordship’s blogs and The SafeworD/s Club has been wonderful for me. I now have others I can share this aspect of my life with and the chats are so fun and informative. I have even started my own blog in hopes of ever increasing the availability of friendship to others. D/s has brought so much happiness into our marriage, and now that I have a D/s community…life is grand!!!

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        Thank you ladies so much!

        I will definitely do more research and take advantage of the chats! ?

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