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      Captain’s Girl

      Doms, how do you show appreciation for your sub? Is there anything special that you do once in a while that is solely to show them how amazing they are to you?


      And subs, is there anything you Dom does that lets you know they worship the ground you kneel on? Or something you would like them to do?

      Out of fairness I feel like I should share first… after all I did bring it up. Lol.

      He pretty much just tells me on a regular basis. Sometimes just floggs the daylights out of me, rubs me down, and then we go to bed. This is a big deal for me because I feel his erection on my very warm backside, and he doesn’t do anything to relieve his situation. I feel like he chooses to be physically uncomfortable for me.

      Something I wish he would do (I think the might fall somewhere into the goddess worship area) is to give me a full body massage while I’m in bondage , describing what he likes about that specific area. Followed by amazing sex of course.

      I wonder if that is crossing the line of D/s? Topping from the bottom or something like that…? Opinions please!

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      I show my Sub appreciation when she not so bratty. Lol by making the afternoon all about her, let me explain. I have a drink ready when she gets home as she changes clothes and unwinds, I have her slip into something nice and slutty as I lay her down on the bed as I tend to her ever erotic desire and needs as I am fully clothed. I continue until she has Orgasmed and Squirted until she can’t go no more, I kiss her on the forehead and tuck her in as I go on with my rest of the afternoon and yes that includes the one time I fix my own supper.

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      Beth [MM]

      MM often tells me how much he appreciates me. He shows it in the little caresses he gives me throughout the day. He spoils me often, at least I think so.

      Anything can go in your relationship if all parties are agreeable to it. I don’t think it’s topping from the bottom unless it annoys the Dom. You could always talk to him about your desires. He’s not likely to know unless you tell him. Communication is important in a relationship.

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