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      What is SSC?

      SSC stands for safe sane and consensual which is a popular acronym used as a guide in BDSM play. It basically says that all play must be safe meaning you know about the activity beforehand and that you use safe practices, all play must be sane meaning that you and your partner(s) are not under the influence of drugs/alcohol and that everyone involved agrees to whatever you are going to be doing.

      What is RACK?
      RACK stands for risk aware consensual kink. It basically means that the people involved understand that there is a risk in their kink and decide to still do it. They do know that there is a possibility of things going wrong or the particular kink causing short term or long term harm to them and consent to it regardless.

      Similarities between SSC and RACK
      The only similarity is consent because consent is extremely important in BDSM.

      Differences between SSC and RACK
      SSC is subjective because what is considered sane and safe to one person may not be so for another person. As a result, it becomes vague and cause conflict because you’re not sure what a person means when they say it’s safe/sane. Some people don’t think that blood play is safe or sane and wouldn’t consent to it. SSC is either this activity is safe or it is not. Either it is sane or it is not. And if you feel like it’s not you just don’t do it.

      RACK is more inclusive, it has less gray areas and it’s more practical. RACK makes it clear that people do understand the risks and how dangerous something can be but it’s a kink that they enjoy and so they agree to it. Awareness and education is important if you decide to follow RACK. RACK has the concepts of safer and less safe; this activity is safer so I will agree to it but this activity is less safe than the other so I won’t do it.

      PRICK and CCC (these aren’t used as much as SSC and RACK)
      PRICK-Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink. It is similar to RACK except it stresses on personal responsibility despite just being aware of the risks.

      CCC-Committed Compassionate Consent. It was created because people felt that SSC, RACK and PRICK didn’t apply to the emotional well-being of individuals.

      Whichever one you and your partner(s) use, or a combination of more it has to work for you. We use RACK, it’s much easier to explain to people  when we go into detail as to what we do rather than having to defend whether it is “sane” or “safe”.

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      Missy (Founder)

        This is really good information Emily. I must admit that we don’t think or know as much about this because we have only ever done D/s together but it is still important to think about safety and consent. I didn’t know there were so many acronyms but think this will be really helpful for those who are looking into kink and play. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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        Yes, it’s not applicable if you do BDSM with one person consistently, especially if you’re married.

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