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        This is a work of fiction, based on a mutual fantasy my wife and I share. She’s said that in a year when the baby is old enough to stay at her parents; without us and she’s done breastfeeding, maybe it’ll move out of the fiction section…


        She grinned at him over dessert, finishing off her glass of wine and placing it back on the table. She looked again and saw him watching her, saw the hunger and anticipation in his eyes and felt herself warming at the thought of what the rest of the night would be like.

        “Have you decided what you’ll do?” She asked him coyly, fluttering her eyelashes at him and making them both laugh.

        “I have some ideas.” He answered, his voice nearly a growl that made her heat up even more. “But I think I’ll tell you tomorrow.” They both smiled.

        “Better to ask forgiveness than permission?” She was still laughing, but his look had her squirming on her seat.

        “Something like that, though I think I have permission for anything I want.”

        “You do, Sir. I am all yours, every bit of me.”

        “Let’s get home.”


        They settled on the couch, him in the corner and her leaning back against him. She listened to his heartbeat, felt his chest rise and fall with his breathing and the warmth of his arm around her. She knew how much he loved her and if she hadn’t felt exactly the same way it would have been overwhelming, terrifying. Since it was shared it was wonderful.

        She yawned deeply and snuggled back into him, feeling his arm tighten to pull her closer. “I’m getting pretty tired.” She said, another yawn hitting her hallway through.

        “I’d bet. You took enough to knock you out for the rest of the night.” She could hear the smile in his voice as he said it, then saw him pick up his coffee and take another sip. He really was planning on staying up, wasn’t he?

        “We pick up the dogs torrow?” She asked, slurring her words and deciding that was ok. He was there, he would keep her safe.

        “Mhmm.” She liked how his chest rumbled when he said that. “Tomorrow night. We’ll get the munchkins from your parents’ in the morning and spend the day there, then get the dogs on the way home.”

        She could feel herself sliding comfortably into sleep and decided to stop fighting it. He had her, heart body and soul. Her last truly clear thought was that she knew which would be getting his attention tonight.

        “Gooniht Sir…” She mumbled quietly, “Hapy Anversry. Njoy yurslf…”

        He smiled and looked down at her as she started to breath deeply almost immediately, her eyes shut and her face going slack as the sleeping pills she’d taken earlier took her way down into a deep sleep.

        “Goodnight Miss. Happy Anniversary.” He looked from her gorgeous face down to her slowly rising chest hidden under a tight white button up shirt, followed her curves down to the white plaid skirt she had put on for him and out along her long smooth legs stretched out on the couch. He was so excited he ached, but he planned to take all night enjoying her. “I will.”


        He gave her until the end of the episode, not watching anymore but looking through photos on an app on his phone for ideas. His searches were telling; “Cum_On_Face Female_Penetrated”. “Bondage Cum_In_Ass”. “Anal Forced”. He showed the best to her and asked what she thought, and was pleased when he got no reply.

        They had talked about doing this for a long time, joking and flirting with the idea, and it was she who finally told him she was planning on giving him a whole night for their anniversary. Anything he wanted, any way he wanted. He was ecstatic and had looked forward to it for days, only really believing it when she had tossed back the sleeping pills after dinner and gone to change into this schoolgirl outfit she knew would drive him wild. They made out and ground against each other like teenagers until she started to get sleepy, then cuddled on the couch as she faded off. Now she was thoroughly out and he was free to live out every fantasy he wanted. He only had to decide where to start!

        He slid out from under her, standing to take in her whole look, then went to get his computer. He carefully disconnected the internet to avoid any possibility of a mistake, set up a video program with no time limit and set the folding ladder he had brought in to give it the best height and angle to see the whole couch. He didn’t want it to miss anything. He checked that all the shades were drawn, put the TV on an alternative rock station, and turned on the lights. He was going to enjoy every second of this, and make sure he recorded it for them to enjoy together later.

        He wondered what she would think of watching herself tonight, being taken and filled in so many compromising positions all caught on video. The idea of her blushing, being shocked, and being brought to orgasm by it all got him even more aroused. He went to her on the couch and slid her gently lower, moving her to lay flat so her head would be positioned right in his lap when he sat. She was flat on her back and he had some difficulty rolling her to her side, eventually propping a pillow behind her to keep her in place. He started talking to her while he worked.

        “You are one beautiful woman.” He paused, opening up to be completely honest with her as she was completely trusting him. “I don’t know how I ever got you, I still don’t think I deserve you. You’re my every fantasy come true.” He leaned over and kissed her soft lips, then pulled back to kiss down her body, along her ribs through the shirt, enjoying it for himself instead of as foreplay for her. When he reached her skirt he lifted her upper leg to position it bent and resting back to spread her wide. “I’m going to use you tonight,” He said, looking up at her to once more make sure she wasn’t awake. She was out and he smiled and got more bold. “I’m going to fuck you all night long, my little slut. My perfect little fuck toy.” He moved to his knees and spread her pussy lips with his fingers, marveling that he could really do whatever he wanted. “I’m going to fuck this tight little pussy,” He used his other hand to pour a small amount of lube directly into her spread lips, “I’m going to pump you full of my cum all night.” He undid his own belt and fly, pulling his pants and boxers down and completely off, then made sure the camera would be able to see everything and sat back in the corner, lifting her head to position it on his lap as he slouched to give enough room. He wanted her face towards the camera where it could see his cock pressing against the inside of her cheek. One hand stayed on her head to hold her in place while the other put his cock in her mouth, then he turned and pulled her skirt up again where it had slid down her spread legs and he began fingering his wife. “I’m going to play with you, and fuck you, fill you and fuck you some more. I’m going to get hard between your lips then pump you full and when I’m sure my whole cock is covered in cum from sliding in and out of your pussy, I’m going to clean myself off in your mouth.” He slowed himself down to make this last, reveling in the feel of his tip sliding around in her warm cheek and pressing against her tongue as he absently worked his fingers in and out of her. “And after I’ve had your pussy and your throat, my little schoolgirl slut, I’m going to spend all night pounding you in the ass.” He looked at the camera, the screen facing him so he could see the great shot it was getting of him using his wife like this, and he told the camera directly, taking to her when they would watch this together, “I’m going to spend all night fucking you in the ass, wife. You’re going to have my cock buried deep in your ass all night.”

        He paused again to make himself last, then leaned over to grab the computer and took a while positioning it in various spots to get a few minutes each of the best views. Holding it over her face then resting it on the small table in front of him to catch various angles of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, laying across her face, stretching her cheek upwards with the impression of his swollen tip. He put the computer on the couch between her feet pointing right up at them and loved the view it gave of her spread knees, skirt up and his fingers working in and out of her pussy.

        He loved that view so much it gave him his next idea and he took a few minutes, all while the camera was running to reposition her. He got up and was gentle as he rolled her over on her stomach, tugging her clothes back into place as they were pulled askew. He lifted her up and put pillows underneath her to hold her up, pulling her knees up to raise her ass in the air and carefully turning her arms one at a time to lay crossed over her back. They kept slipping down so he went and got a soft rope and tied her wrists loosely, not to bind but to give the impression she was tied and being forced. Then with the camera again positioned behind her after a quick sweep to see the whole performance, he slid her skirt up again to reveal her lube-drenched pussy down low and her tight pink asshole above. She had showered thoroughly after dinner, knowing exactly what he would be doing tonight, and all he saw was clean soft skin waiting to be used. He put a final touch on the view caught by the screen, turning her head and pushing the pillows under her to the side so that he could see her face and hindquarters at the same time. Then he began to play.

        When he couldn’t wait any longer he caught video of her pussy being slowly traced, fingered, and licked from behind, above, and directly underneath. She was totally exposed and everything was caught for him to watch again and again. The only thing left was to start filling her every hole with his hot cum.

        He set the computer to the side and found he could still get a good view of her backside if he put himself slightly to the side, then he slowly, slowly traced his dripping tip along her equally wet lips. He could swear she was naturally wet and getting swollen and could only imagine what she was dreaming while he played with her. He’d have to ask her in the morning, before he told her everything they’d done together.

        He started to slide gently in and out of her, just the tip between her wet pussy lips, watching as it would disappear and reappear from inside of her. He brought himself out slowly, then pressed in with the same determination, going deeper and deeper and trying to hold on as long as he could. He knew he’d explode soon and decided his goal was to put his semen in his wife, but also to spread it over his cock to transfer to her mouth as soon as he was done. He wanted to fuck her in the ass later knowing his cum was in both her pussy and mouth while he took her, and the thought was enough to finish him off. He pulled himself just to the edge of being inside her, pumping a large load between the edge of her lips and seeing some of it already beginning to leak out as he pumped in more. As he felt his waves of orgasm start to wain he pushed his full length inside of her, pulling back again to see his own cum streaked along the length of him. He pumped into her again, as deep as he could go, making sure she had his cum all the way inside her pussy before pulling himself out entirely and walking around to her face turned back towards him. He moved the camera to watch closely as he opened her mouth and slid his cum-smeared cock in. He was careful not to go too deeply, but wiped himself off on the inside of her cheeks and across her tongue, using her lips to clean him thoroughly as he continued to talk to her. “That’s a good girl, suck my cock clean. What a good little slut, cleaning off the taste of your own pussy filled with my fresh cum. Now your pussy and mouth are both filled, I can concentrate on that tight little ass for the rest of the night.” Usually he’d need at least twenty minutes of rest to get going again but saying the words out loud while he wiped his cock off inside her mouth and looked over her propped up and presenting for him, he immediately began to grow hard again. “In fact, I think I’ll start with your first anal load right now.”

        He moved the computer and himself back around behind her, then ran off to come back with ears and a tail. He put the ears on her head, white and black fox ears poking out sideways as her head lay on its side with her face looking back at him. The matching fluffy white and black tail had a nylon strap with a clip, going around her hips to tighten down and hang like it was attached just above her ass, exciting but not denying him any access. He had put it on under the waist of her skirt, so the tail itself hung under her skirt and its full length was only exposed when her skirt was pushed up to let him see all of her from behind. She was his mate, tail in the air and all his for the taking.

        He tried a position or two, trying to find one that was comfortable, gave the camera a good view, and put his face right next to her ass. He spread her cheeks, looking at her tight little hole right in front of him, then decided he’d take the opportunity to do something he’d been thinking about for a long time. He put out his tongue and leaned closer, tracing gently around the clean pink skin. He could smell the lube and his own cum dripping from her only inches below, but he was concentrated on her asshole. He had flicked his tongue over it once or twice in the past when he went down on her, just gauging her reaction, and while she’d never told him no or pushed him away he didn’t know what she’d think of him licking or tonguing her ass. He didn’t even really know himself since he’d never done it. With free reign for the night, and her clean, warm and willing to let him do anything… he’d use the chance to fulfill another fantasy. While the video recorded and she lay still and compliant, he licked and nuzzled and tongued her asshole until he was satisfied he’d traced every line and crease with the tip of his tongue and then some. He was ready for the main course.

        He stood and stretched, looking down at his cock and seeing it rock hard and ready. He picked up the bottle of lube and popped open the top once more, pouring a small amount directly above her back door. It ran down her crack and over her asshole, where he used one finger to rub it around and press it inside. Normally he’d take his time with this, spending much longer getting her warmed up and used to the sensation of having something small in the back before he tried entering himself, but that was the whole point of tonight. He didn’t need to take it slow or worry about her right now, he could just enjoy fucking his wife any way he wished. He poured more onto himself, wrapping his hand around his shaft and sliding the lube up and down his whole length. There were nights they’d done anal and she’d been so proud of herself for being able to take all of him. Tonight she’d start off with his full cock and work up from there.

        With the video watching every move, he positioned himself behind her delicious tight ass sticking in the air, flipped her tail out of the way and told her he was going to really start the night now. He put his phone nearby set to stopwatch, with the intent of keeping track all night of just how long he spent in total fucking his wife in the ass. With everything prepared he stepped up to her and pressed the swollen tip of his cock against her puckered hole. He was so hard he didn’t need any help keeping himself in place and his hands were free to move to her hips, holding her in place and pulling her onto him as he pressed forward into her. He went slow for the first inch, savoring the feeling of pushing past her ring of tight muscle which resisted him, then his tip was inside and it felt incredible. She was tight and hot, clenched around his shaft in a ring and unbelievably soft beyond that. With the timer started and the camera rolling he pushed further in, enjoying every second of the feel and sight of pulling her back onto his shaft. He slowly buried himself in her rear, not stopping until his full length was inside of her and his balls were pressed tightly against her. He stayed like that for a few moments, holding her tightly at the hips and feeling just how deep he was inside his wife’s asshole, feeling his own last cum dripping from her filled pussy and running down his balls. He was making a mess but was so far from caring it didn’t matter in the least. She was his fucktoy and now he had all night to enjoy her like this.

        He began a slow steady rhythm, sliding back and out until only his tip was gripped tightly inside her, then back in just as slowly to enjoy the sliding pressure and heat of her both directions. As it got to be too much he started to speed up, thinking how she always started gasping at the overload of sensation when he went slow like that and begging him to go faster. He did exactly that now, going as fast as he liked and concerned only with getting every bit of his cock inside her with each thrust, pounding his wife’s ass as she’d rarely been able to take when she was conscious. Having just recently cum in her pussy he didn’t feel the urgent need or building towards a finish and instead simply enjoyed fucking her. She was being rocked forward and back hard enough that her whole body moved in sympathy, her head rocking back and forth with each thrust and her arms falling from her back to lay at her sides as he pounded her. Gods it felt good.

        After a while he felt himself start to build, slowly as he’d so recently orgasmed but inexorably climbing towards another. He continued ramming himself into her, each stroke moving to almost pull him out before thrusting his full length back inside and his hands assisting by gripping her hips tightly and pulling her back with each forward thrust. Her position had her knees bent under her and pushed her ass back and out, spreading her cheeks naturally and allowing him even deeper access. He was close now and decided she had her pussy and mouth already full of his cum, this load was going deep inside her ass. If he didn’t get the chance to have her again tonight he’d be able to enjoy the fact that he’d filled her every hole with his warm semen and undeniably claimed her as his plaything. He told her as much as he climbed to climax.

        “You love this, so much that you knocked yourself out to let me have as much ass fucking as I wanted. You love when I take you in the ass, fucking my little anal slut like this. I’m going to fill you, Miss. I’m going to pump my cum so deep up your ass that you’ll feel like you’ve been filled all night!” With that he came, a sudden burst of sensation and he felt himself unloading inside her as he pulled her back and pushed himself forward, the pressure of their hips together almost painful as he strove to pump as deeply inside of her as he could possibly manage. “Take it, slut! Take it while I fuck you in the ass!” He held himself there until he was spent and softening, sliding out of her and realizing another difference was the lack of closeness usually brought about by resting and breathing together, holding her while she came down from the massive endorphin rush. Well he had his own rush to enjoy and ride down so he sat back on the couch, concentrating on the waves of elation coursing through him as he looked at her still raised read end, both pussy and ass now showing small dribbles of his thick white cum. He brought the camera in for a closeup of that, fulfilling yet another fantasy he’d seen in so many pictures. Putting the computer down again, he stopped the stopwatch on his phone and saw that he’d been fucking his wife’s asshole for almost ten full minutes. While it felt fantastic, he’d love to take her again and see just how long he could spend buried up her ass.

        He checked that she was doing just fine, breathing and color all good as he pushed a few strands of hair out of her face then decided to carefully pull the pillows out from under her and roll her onto her side against the back of the couch. He lifted her head to rest it on a pillow and looked her over. She could be simply resting normally, if dressed like a ravaged schoolgirl with her white button up top askew and her skirt up around her waist, and she looked comfortable. Nothing hot or sharp nearby, her face to the side to make sure her airway stayed clear. She shouldn’t roll, but just in case he pushed a pillow in under her side to keep her on the couch. He decided she was safe like that and went upstairs to shower and clean himself off. Hopefully the relaxing heat and break would allow him to recover enough for another round.


        He ran a hot shower, soaping himself thoroughly and letting the hot water relax his muscles from the exertion they’d been experiencing for the past hour. He was still wide awake from the coffee he’d had while she was drifting off to dreamland, and now that he’d satisfied all of his immediate needs and plans he began to think of what else he’d like to do with his wife tonight. She’d be out cold until morning and who knew when he’d ever get another chance like this. She’d told him to enjoy himself and he fully intended to do exactly that. He’d gotten just under ten minutes of anal, and as he relaxed in the pouring heat of the shower he began to think he’d like to go for an hour over the course of the night, and see just how many loads he could shoot up her ass. He felt himself start to get hard again at the thought.


        He came back downstairs, going straight over to check on her. He knew people took these sleep aids all the time and were just fine, but he wanted to make sure. She was sleeping peacefully where he’d left her, just slightly chilled because she was uncovered. He put a blanket over her, thinking first how much he loved her and always wanted to take care of her, and second getting the idea that he could take her sometime tonight with all of her covered by the blanket except for her ass sticking out. He’d fantasized so many times about having known her in high school, staying the night as her brother’s friend and sneaking in to her room to pull her sleeping form to the edge of the bed, lifting the covers just enough to expose her hindquarters and quietly fucking her as she woke and sent her muffled cries of pleasure into her pillow to keep from waking anyone else in the house. They did just that on a regular basis almost every time they stayed at her parents’ house, and he knew he’d absolutely be fulfilling that positional fantasy tonight, though he’d rarely dreamed it would be by taking her anally.

        He left her covered and went to get himself a beer, bringing his glass back and setting it down next to the still recording computer. The program had no time limit on video recording and he’d left it running when he went for his shower knowing he could edit everything down later, and now only needed to turn it to catch her face as he turned her head towards him and opened her mouth again. He moved himself closer and slid the tip of his now clean cock between her lips, more for the visual than anything else. He talked to her prone form as he picked up his beer, enjoying a sip as he looked down at her with his dick in her mouth.

        “What a good girl, Miss. Sucking my cock so I can get back to fucking you in the ass. How does it feel to suck the dick that’s been fucking you in the ass all night? You know you’re all mine? My fucktoy? My Mate? My pet? You know I’m going to be pounding you in the ass all night? How many times do you think I can come inside your ass tonight?” He grinned widely as he said “Tell you what, let’s make a bet! If I’m right, I get to take you in the backdoor.” He reached down and nodded her head with his tip still between her lips and said “Good girl.” He pulled himself out, went to the kitchen and returned with a permanent marker. Pulling the blanket off her again, he pushed her skirt up to her hips and popped the cap off the marker, pulling her cheek up to expose her as he marked a single short line on the inside curve of her cheek an inch or two away from her asshole. “There we go,” He said, capping the marker again and giving her cheek a light smack, “One. Let’s see how many we can add.”

        He took another sip of his beer, really enjoying himself and taking his time now since he had all night and picked out his next position. This one would be difficult since she was asleep, but well worth a try. After a little work he got her sitting up, then moved himself around to slide down sitting behind her with his legs to either side of her. He leaned her back against him to keep her steady and pulled one leg then the other out and over his own, spreading them to either side. While it hadn’t been his original plan he couldn’t help but lift her skirt to expose her pussy for the video and spread her lips with his fingers. She still had some of his cum leaking out of her and he spread it between her lips with his fingertip, then lifted his hand to put that same finger into her mouth. “Do we taste good together, Miss? Do you like when I finger you like this? Oh, you think I should try stroking myself inside of you? Let’s give it a try.”

        He lifted her by the waist and scooted himself down under her. The difficult part here was to try to line himself up without his hands which were both needed to lift her. When he was lubed again he got himself set with his tip right at her asshole and tried lifting her onto him. It wasn’t happening. What did work however was to lay her on her side against a stack of pillows next to him while she still straddled him, put the tip of his cock inside her ass, then pull her back upright. The sudden shift in weight as she came up to sitting once more slid his full length up into her and he groaned with how good it felt. She was still full of his last load and it only added slickness to her as he slid inside. He’d wanted to take her in this position for ages and knew it was unlikely, but now here he was with his wife literally sitting on his cock. He leaned forward to pick up his beer and took a long drink, thinking to himself that he was a king.

        Hands free again to grasp her, he moved them around toher front and down between her legs. With her asleep he couldn’t do much thrusting in and out in this position but for his idea he only needed to be buried deep up her ass while she held still, and that was going perfectly.

        Now one hand spread her lips as the other slid fingers inside her, pressing back towards him to feel his hard shaft through the layers of her soft internal division between pussy and ass. He could feel himself inside her, a hard column at the rear, and his fingers traced along his length inside of his wife. He was stroking his own cock, masturbating himself, with his fingers in her pussy running along his cock in her ass. Absolutely a king.

        This was lots of fun but really didn’t provide much sensation as he could only feel his fingertips as pressure along his shaft, but that was just fine. He was in no rush and took his time playing with his wife’s pussy lips, lifting her hips an inch or so and dropping her back down to feel her gently riding his cock in her ass, and sitting back with her leaned against him as he held her upright with a hand inside her shirt wrapped around her breast and the other holding his beer. Could life get any better than enjoying a smooth dark beer while his beautiful wife sat on him with his full length buried up her ass? At the moment he couldn’t think of how and he took his time finishing his beer, keeping himself hard with occasional pushes upward inside her. He could now say he’d enjoyed a whole pint while fucking his wife in the ass. The stopwatch was up to half an hour of anal.

        With his beer empty and his ego as inflated as it had been in years he decided to lay her down again next to him, knocking the pillows out of the way so she could lay flat once more. He rolled her to face the back of the couch and covered her again with the blanket, kneeling next to her and playing out his high school fantasy. “Darlin…” He whispered, “Are you awake?” He pulled the edge of the blanket up over her ass, pulling her hips back towards him to bend her in the middle and leaving her legs and chest still covered. “You have to stay quiet,” He continued in a whisper as he put on more lube then used one hand to lift her upper cheek and expose her to him and the camera as the other guided him in. “We don’t want to wake anyone.” He pushed his dick steadily deeper into her asshole, moving his guiding hand up to wrap over her hip and pull himself against her. He didn’t stop until his full length was once more hidden in his wife’s ass. “Good girl. Now stay quiet while I fuck your cute little brains out.” He began to thrust, taking her quickly with solid deep strokes. The position had him feeling his tip sliding back and forth pressed at an upward angle inside of her. He lifted his hand from her cheek and wrapped it around the back of her neck, both hands now pulling her rhythmically back towards him as he thrust forward and aiding him in getting as deep as possible. He didn’t last long and saw no reason to hold back or keep quiet as he roared out and shot another load of cum deep in his woman’s ass. He held her tightly back against him and could feel her still asleep shuddering with each pump of his semen inside her. He stayed there until he was spent then slid himself out and laughed at the amount of cum now dribbling from her asshole. He was certainly filling his wife tonight. “All filled up, Slut!  It looks good in you.” He took the marker and made a second tally mark on her inner cheek.

        He got up, again making sure she was positioned safely, and got a wipe to clean her off. Can’t have his play toy dripping on the couch. He went off to clean himself up and decided to go upstairs and collect a toy or two. When he came back down she was of course right where he had left her on the couch, and he decided it was time for a new position. He lifted her loose form up, then put her down again and began clearing things away from the end of the couch. She needed a good bent over fucking.

        It took longer this time but when he was ready again he had her bent over the end of the couch, everything else cleared away to give him full access, and he had put pillows on top of her to build the scene. Once again clean he stood behind her, lifting her skirt with one hand to show her to the camera. “Why little Bunny, how did you get yourself stuck like this? Were you trying to get into my carrot patch?” He had wiped her clean on the outside but as his hands spread her cheeks now to show both her ass and pussy, a bit of his previous cumshots leaked out of both and make him grin. “Of course I can help you get out. But first, I think you need to be taught a lesson.” He took her hips in both hands and slid himself into her wet lubed pussy, sinking his cock to its full depth with no more buildup. He sighed as he felt himself surrounded by her soft warmth, sliding back and forth just a few inches to feel his tip sliding along inside of her. He had entered a bit soft, aided by her being completely relaxed and already slick inside from his cum, and he was now rock hard again. Watching himself sliding in and out of his defenseless ‘stuck’ wife would do that.

        “You seem to be enjoying this lesson too much, little Bunny. I guess we’ll have to try something else.” He pulled out, his cock now slick with his own sloppy seconds, and picked up the vibrator he’d set by her side before starting. He squeezed a bit of lube on the toy, smearing it along the length with his fingers then taking more and spreading it over her pussy lips and sliding his index finger into her still tight warm asshole. “That’s right, Bunny. Try to steal from my garden, and I’ll teach you just how fuckable your little Bunny ass can be.” He wiped his hands on a towel, then spread her lips with one and inserted the vibrator into her pussy with the other. A few small twists to spread the lube and it was inside her. He held the button on its handle and turned it on, hearing the vibrations get stronger as he ratcheted up through the settings until it reached its max. Then lining himself up once more to take his wife, he pressed his pussy-wet tip against her backdoor and pushed his way in. She tensed and he stopped, looking up to see if she was waking up. Her face showed no sign of anything other than a slight smile from dreaming and he smiled at what that might be about, then continued his forward push until his full shaft was buried again in her tight rabbit hole. He could feel the vibrator inside her, pressing against his cock from below through the thin membrane inside her. He took her slowly, savoring the sight of his cock disappearing and reappearing from her asshole inch after inch and the feeling of the vibrator switching between patterns at the highest setting to thrum against him. “You like being stuffed like this, don’t you my little bunny? You love being fucked in the ass while your pussy is full. I’m only sorry I don’t have two cocks to fill you in both at the same time.” He increased his pace, talking dirty to her always turning him on. “But you know every time I have the choice, I’m always going to choose your ass. I love fucking you in the ass. My little stuck bunny slut. I’m going to shoot my load of cum up your ass again, and again, and again until I can’t get another drop out of my cock. Your ass is mine tonight. You’re going to wake up with more cum inside you than you’ve ever felt before!” With that he let loose, emptying his balls into his wife’s ass again, pushing himself deep as he fired off yet another load of shot after shot. When he was spent he almost fell back, panting and smiling as he looked at his cum leaking from her asshole and the vibrator still going inside her pussy. “That’ll teach you, bunny. Every time I catch you in my garden, I’m going to fuck that tight little rabbit hole of yours just like this.” He kept smiling as he made sure the camera got some great angles of his bunny; stuck, used and filled. The video recorded while he marked another tally on her ass. He paused the stopwatch again and it showed he’d been in her ass now for almost 45 minutes tonight.

        He cleaned them both up again, though as he wiped her off she kept leaking more of him and it made him laugh. “You, Darlin, are absolutely full of my cum.” He couldn’t believe it himself, but the thought started getting him semi-hard again. He thought to himself that he hadn’t gone this many rounds in a day since his twenties, but one look at her bent over the couch with her used ass in the air and pussy lips soaked with glistening lube got him hardening further. “Miss, I cannot get enough of fucking you.” He lifted her up, moving her back onto the couch and this time laying her flat on her back with her face laying to the side facing the camera. The vibrator started to slide out from between her legs and he went to pull it out, then thought better of it and pushed it back in. Let her keep feeling it in her dream state, staying ready for him. He went to the kitchen and poured himself another beer, intending this to be the longest screwing of the night. He was spent, wasn’t even sure he could cum again, but he was close enough that he thought now that he might really make his goal tonight of having his cock up her ass for a full hour and he intended to do his best to make that a reality. He took the time to cut a few pieces of bree and put them on a plate, then picking up his beer he took both back to place them on the table next to her prone form. He looked her over slowly, head to toe, taking in every aspect of this amazing woman he got to call wife. “Gods I’m lucky” He told her. He had never felt so fulfilled. The thought made him grin as he thought ‘and she’s never been so filled’ then followed up by saying out loud “Let’s get back to that.” He turned the video, now at almost two and a half hours, to watch her whole body from the side as he took a sip of beer then slowly undid her shirt, button by button revealing more of her chest. She had left her chest otherwise uncovered at his request, no bra to block the view of her gorgeous breasts as he pushed the white shirt to the sides. He slid the skirt up both her thighs, soaking in the sight of her laying spread eagle in front of him and entirely at his mercy. “You know what happens now, Miss.” He took another draught of his beer, then moved the camera for the best view and knelt himself between her legs. Shimmying forward he lifted her slightly to line himself up in the back, and then stopped. “What’s that, Darlin?” He feigned conversation, just having fun. “Oh, well I’m going to fuck you. Mmhmm, I’m going to pound your tight asshole again until I cum one more time. It may take a while, I’ve been cumming inside you all night and I don’t have much left.” He looked at her again and smiled to himself. “As long as I want? Well thank you! I’ll be sure to remind you of that tomorrow, when you tell me that you’re sore and can’t stop the cum pouring out of you.” He pushed himself in, lifting and pulling her towards him until he was thrust deep inside her until his balls we pressed against her and her cheeks rested on his thighs. He shifted his feet to get comfortable and set about enjoying his beer and bree. He was an emperor, master of this perfect woman, and he could do anything he wished to enjoy her. The hour mark on the stopwatch passed unnoticed as he played his game, sipping his beer, pinching her nipples, telling her all the filthy fantasies he’d always held back and going over all the ways he’d had her already tonight. Occasionally he would thrust in and out, telling her how much she enjoyed getting fucked in the ass and that he may start taking her like this a few times a week but fully conscious, really working on her training to make sure she knew she was owned and that she loved it that way. He rested and rocked and thrust and enjoyed until he very slowly felt one more orgasm building. He concentrated on every bit of what he’d done to her, every way he’d used her. He looked at her wolf ears askew on her head, the tail sticking out beside her, the schoolgirl clothes pulled aside to give him unobstructed access to every bit of her. He watched her face as he thrust in and out of her ass, the vibrator still going all this time inside her pussy, and as he did her mouth dropped open and he could see some of his first cum still on her tongue. That sent him immediately over the edge, and for the fourth time that night he unloaded up his wife’s tight ass.

        Tally marked and cleaned, her shirt rebuttoned and everything put away, he carried her up the stairs carefully and laid her on the bed. The computer recording had been stopped and saved in multiple locations to ensure it wouldn’t be lost, and he showered quickly one more time. It was early morning now and he was exhausted in every way. He took a quick shower then climbed into bed and curled around her, kissing her on the cheek and whispering to her “I Love you Miss, my Mate. I’ve set an alarm to take you one more time before you wake up, and I’ll tell you in the morning that after filling your pussy and cleaning my cock in your mouth, I’ve already spent an hour and twenty minutes in one night fucking you in the ass. Sleep well My Love!” He was asleep in seconds.


        He awoke at 8 and turned off his phone alarm. He’d slept like the dead, and when he rolled over he saw that she was still out. Perfect. She’d fallen asleep with the pills at 9 the previous night and they were supposed to last 12 hours, so he’d set his alarm to make sure he got one more chance to enjoy her before she came to. He’d only gotten 6 hours or so but that was plenty, and he didn’t know if he’d ever get another chance like this. Though who knew? Maybe they could make this an annual tradition.

        He rolled over to her and stroked her arm but got no response. He whispered her name, then a second time louder and got no more than a slight grumble. She was still deeply asleep. He grinned and pulled the covers back slowly, revealing her smooth back and long legs. She lay facing away from him, nude after he’d undressed her the night before when he lay her in bed. Over her side he could see the curve of her breast and her nipple starting to point out from the chill of having the blanket removed. He ran his hand along her side, starting at her neck and working down over her shoulder, tracing his fingertips along her ribs to her hip, and sliding down in front to run over her stomach. She stayed still, and since this would usually have her squirming or snuggling back against him he knew he’d caught her with some time left on her drowsiness. He brought his hand back over her to run down her leg as far as he could reach, tracing the curves of her thigh and calf to encircle her ankle. He always got a thrill from holding her ankles, wrists and neck like this, reminding him of their bondage games and his implicit control over her. His hand made its way back up the top of her leg, sliding towards the back as he reached her cheeks. He was already hard and saw his tip was dripping with precum. Getting some sleep had let him recharge. His fingers left her long enough to spread this over the head of his cock making it glisten, then he reached back to her upper cheek and lifted it to expose her from behind. He couldn’t wait to take her one more time.

        Having her any way he liked, as many times as he liked was thrilling! Maybe the most comforting aspect of it was how simple it was, no asking or commanding, no build up or play needed beforehand. He always enjoyed their foreplay and loved seeing her react to him as he got her ready, but being able to simply shuffle himself closer and direct his cock into her waiting pussy was wonderful as well. She was still slick with the silicone based lube he’d applied the night before and he was sure she’d need a long hot shower today to remove it, but for now it served perfectly as he was able to enter her easily. He lifted her cheek more to allow himself to slide all the way in, pressing his hips against hers as he buried himself in his spooned wife. She mumbled quietly and he knew she was probably getting close to the sleeping pills wearing off. He should have just enough time to take his fucktoy pet girl one more time.

        He pulled out, slick with lube and probably a bit of his cum still held inside her from the night before, and lined himself up with her back door. He checked her face one more time and found her still comfortably sleeping and he pressed ahead. His tip entered with a steady pressure and then he was past her ring of tight muscle, sliding his full length into his wife’s tight ass. He gloried in it, looking at himself inside her and letting his gaze wander across her whole nude body as he set up a slow steady rhythm in and out. One hand crossing her back to grip her upper shoulder and pull her onto him, the other switching between holding her hip in place and wrapping around her breast, he was slowly and firmly fucking his wife in the ass while she slept. It surprised them both when she woke up.

        “Hubby?” She asked groggily, and he was shocked but kept going for fear that she would make him stop before he finished. She sounded tired enough that he might just be able to climax if he went quickly, though he kept the same slow steady pace in and out as he answered.

        “Yes, Love.”

        “What’s going on?”

        “I’m just loving you.” He was still pulling her onto him as they spoke, taking his time and sliding slowly in and out of her asshole and he held her in place by the shoulder and hip. He was more turned on than ever as he screwed her like this and watched her slowly waking up.

        “It feels kind of funny. Not bad, just not like normal…”

        “Oh, well, that’s probably because I’m fucking you in the ass.”

        She didn’t pull away or jump in shock like he’d half expected, but just lifted her face to look back over her shoulder at him, a confused smile on her lips.

        “You are? Right now?”

        “Mmhmm.” He kept thrusting into her and saw he starting to gain more awareness and with it more sensation, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

        “Oh.” She was still relaxed enough that it wasn’t painful and she made no move to stop him. “It feels good. Could you finger me too?”

        He was elated. Here was more permission to keep screwing his wife’s ass and with her awake was the best he’d had during this whole game. “Of course, Darlin.” He reached around her with one hand over the top and put it between her legs, working with her as she lifted her upper knee to allow him easier access and letting his fingers find her lips. She was naturally wet now, almost soaking as he slid his fingers over and into her, working all the spots she liked and feeling her start to tremble against him. He pulled her deeply onto him with the hand on her shoulder and she gasped and sighed, working on her own to push herself back onto him and simultaneously grind against his fingers working over her clit. When she spoke her breath was short and she could barely get the words out.

        “Hubby, I’m going to cum!” He growled in her ear and pulled her harder against him, putting his cock even further up her ass to another gasp and he redoubled his fingers work in the front. She was rocking with the overwhelming sensations now, going forward putting more pressure on her clit as his fingertips swirled and rubbed, going back pushing his cock deep inside her from behind. She began rocking and panting faster, building quickly to a massive climax and he took her fast and hard, his fingers on her swollen lips and responsive clit now pressing to pull her back towards him while his hand still on her shoulder pulled her down. The combination held her firmly in place while he thrust his hips forward and back, fucking his wife in the ass for all he was worth. She peaked, shuddering against him inside and out and crying out as her climax broke over her in a crash. He kept going, pinning her in place as his hand moved from her shoulder to the back of her neck, his teeth moving forward to clamp down on her shoulder. She shuddered anew and screamed in ecstasy as he took her, her wolf using her and fucking her and all she could do was take it. She absolutely loved it.

        With her crying out and constant rocking and shuddering, he came hard. He had no idea how he had so much to give after the previous night but somehow it was there and once he let go and started to shoot inside her he couldn’t stop. She screamed in pleasure once more, feeling the gush and repeated pulsing of his cock unloading shot after shot of cum deep up her ass as his fingers pressed against her front. She had never felt so owned, so full in the back, and such a deep connection to her mate while he was letting his beast run rampant on her.

        It felt like ages he was pumping into her, enough that in addition to what he had already given her last night his cum started to push out of her around his cock. He felt like he was unloading one of the largest loads of his life into her, and from her reaction she felt the same.

        “Oh! Oh, keep going! Take me, My Wolf! Take your Mate!” He continued fucking her, emptying himself as he thrust in and out almost his whole length and she continued shuddering tightly round him the entire time.

        When they were both finally spent they collapsed back, panting and gasping for a full minute before realizing his cock was softer now but still deeply in her cum filled ass. She blushed as he pulled himself out slowly, allowing her to feel every inch leaving her back door, then pulling her close to him to cuddle. They ignored how wet and messy they both were and just held each other for a while, then she said “That was incredible.”

        “It was. Thank you.” He told her, his voice filled with contentment.

        “Thank You!” She responded. “Best wakeup ever.” They both smiled at that, and she kissed him quickly. “Will you join me for a shower, Sir?” She went for coy, were eyes now complexly focused as the last of her drowsiness had been burned away by the rush of endorphins.

        “I would love to, Miss.” They began untangling and climbing out of bed to make their way to the shower together. They both laughed as she walked and a mess of cum ran down her inner thighs.

        “Had a good time last night?” She asked him playfully and laughed at his nod and wide smile. “Well, this morning was very nice! Maybe you can give me a little more of that in the shower?” She laughed again at the look of astonishment on his face and went on, “Would my Sir like a second helping of Miss’s back door?”

        He growled deep and low and pulled her close for a kiss, pinning her standing form against him and holding her by the back of the neck as he kissed her deeply. When he let go he turned her to move towards the shower, and kept her held back to chest against him as they walked. “Second helping was sometime early last night.” She could hear the grin in his voice, and had just started to process what he had said when he continued, “But if Miss will clean me off and get me hard with her mouth, I think I could go for sixths.”


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