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      Submissive guide-basically what the name says, caters towards s-types

      Dominant guide- caters towards D-types

      A submissive’s initiative- talks about sex, sexuality, bdsm and kink

      Kinkly- talks about sex, kink, toys and bdsm

      Xeromag- concentrates heavily on bdsm, not all posts are 100% great but they have a great bdsm glossary

      KaylaLords- focuses on sex, kink, bdsm and there’s some erotica there as well

      Lovingbdsm-a forum, podcasts and online munches if you have a certain level of membership


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      Beth [MM]

      Ambrosio’s BDSM Site – articles on various BDSM subjects

      BDSM Training Academy blog – articles by Masters/Doms and subs/slaves

      BDSM Wiki

      Creative Kink: BDSM Basics and More – caning & paddling tips, book recommendations, etc. (Main site sells impact toys)

      DD/lg Info – a site to learn about DD/lg, caregiver/little relationships

      The Iron Gate: BDSM Resource and Knowledge Database

      Kink Academy – short videos on a lot of various kink subjects. Some are free, but for total access you need a site subscription or you can pay for pack(s) of videos on specific subject(s).

      Peter Master’s Wiki about BDSM

      Sex Secrets Blog – articles about anal sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, various sex positions, etc.

      Sunny Megatron – sex toy reviews, BDSM & Kink, Sex Education & Advice


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      Masterdym (MG)
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