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      Difficult to find the right spot for this topic, so it ended up in “Projects” as Mrs Wolff and I are seriously considering a change of scenery. Your take on the scene, community and public acceptance of sex and D/s in your country won’t be the deciding factor in our future plans… but it all factors in! Plus just being interesting to hear everyone’s views and experiences.

      Let us know from your own perspective or that of the general public in your area, territory, state or country:

      How open are people about sex?

      How accepting or restricting are the laws?

      Where does Sex Ed fall on a scale of abstinence to SWC chat room?


      For me growing up in north eastern US, sex was not talked about. Adult magazines were hidden in the back or not sold at all in major retailers, parents avoided the topic and friends whispered terribly incorrect info to each other where they wouldn’t be overheard. Early introductions to pornography came from stolen playboys, static-filled late night movies that showed women topless and we were thrilled to see that much, and sneaking a peak behind the adult curtain at the video store.

      Sex Ed may be slightly better now, though some places have gotten worse, and for me 25 years ago was strictly about procreation; this is genitalia, fertilization of an egg, and pregnancy. In college I took a class on sexuality in society that opened my eyes to the wide world of everything else, complete with night seminars in spanking and safe bondage. Can you guess my turning point to end up here?

      Living now in Colorado the laws are more accepting than much of the country with a few exceptions. Same sex marriage is legal in our state but many states only slope it by federal mandate and would ban it if they could,  abortion and STI/STD healthcare are legal and readily available though of the US federal law about this changes this summer the states surrounding Colorado will ban these entirely, and there are a few well known sex clubs for those who go looking. Colorado I recently found out does have laws in place that you cannot consent to physical harm; just saying you’d like to be whipped means you must not be in your right mind and so can’t give permission for someone to whip you, etc. This means accidents or harm caused during bdsm play can be prosecuted as assault.

      Overall having traveled a good deal and seen how other countries view and talk about sex, I’d say Colorado is relatively accepting but the US as a whole is still very uptight. A slip of the nipple during a Super Bowl halftime show was newsworthy for months and saw careers destroyed. In my opinion it’s nonsense, but then I’m on a D/s website so you already know my opinion…


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