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    What does service mean in your dynamic?  What sorts of acts of service do you perform and do you use tools to track them?

    Please leave your thoughts via the replies below.

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    My Sir and I recently sat down and set up a schedule for my days. Each day I have home, personal, and D/s tasks. I now view most of my day as service to My Sir. It is amazing how a change of perspective can make even mundane tasks, like laundry, more meaningful. One thing that My Sir specifically asked me to do was make the bed everyday. I love to see the look on his face every night when we prepare to turn in as he looks at the made bed! One thing that was a perpetual problem for me was folding and putting away the clean laundry. I have such a sense of accomplishment when I walk into our closet and see all of our clothes neatly hanging or folded on our shelves. Another thing My Sir enjoys is having a meal ready to eat when he comes in from the day. There are days that he won’t arrive home until very late and he doesn’t expect us to have held the meal for him, he just loves to know that there is going to be something for him to dig his teeth into as soon as he can get to the table. I recently read “Real Service” (thanks for the recommend Missy), and while most of it does not apply to our D/s situation, it had some great words of wisdom for anyone who wants to provide useful service. My adjusted attitude towards service is another wonderful positive that has come into our relationship since D/s.

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