Safe storage and hygiene: tips and warnings!

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        I have read a lot of reviews over the years relating to sex toys that are made from PVC, silicone, rubber and all manner of bendy materials.  I have also spent the GDP of a small African nation on toys, many of which end up in the bucket. You can’t really try out a toy before buying, so user reviews are important.  Having said that, don’t be shy in returning an item that doesn’t work for you. I have returned Wifi vibrators before without any complaint. When you’re spending £100 on an item you want it to work mechanically and physically. I cannot know if Missy is going to like to feeling from a toy before I buy it, and therefore if she doesn’t, it goes back!

        There has been a lot written about ‘sweating’ dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. The sweating refers to oils and chemicals leeching from the item.  We have experienced the effects of this and the result was Missy getting a chilli like burning sensation where the item had been!  Generally speaking, this happens more with cheap toys, however, one brand a few years ago said it’s items were 100% silicon and they were not.  In fact, they were probably made from a cheap rubber compound that had a limited life in sunlight. (Not that you are likely to have them in the kitchen widow.

        I have some quick tips for protecting yourself with rubbery toys.

        1. You get what you pay for.  Look for reviews and ensure Silicone is the base compound

        2. Always clean them after use with warm water and a very mild soap. Dry them.

        3. Try and store them separately either in cloth bags or not touching each other. Some materials will adversely react one another.

        4. Inspect your toys before and after use. Look for tears that could harbour bacteria or blisters which could indicate the item is deteriating.

        5. Using condoms over toys eliminates any chance of bacteria transfer or non water based lubes reacting with your toys. Condoms are cheap and disposable!

        6. Smell. Most sex toy storage boxes, drawers, cupboards, under bed, under floorboards and secret panels in the walls, all have a certain smell. It is probably how Barbie smells the world!  So, smell your toys before use if they have not been out for a while. You’re looking a strong chemical smell that’s wasn’t there before. Compare the smell to a more recently purchased or used one.  If in doubt, throw it out!

        7.  Watch out for leaking silicone based lubes getting near your toys. Some may react badly if exposed too long.

        Finally, if you’re concerned about reactions to chemical based materials, go for aluminium, stainless steel or glass.

        If you want some fun check out  She conducts destructive testing on toys!

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          Super post, HL.  I am especially enjoying reading the Dangerouslilly site (the link above is a bit broken due to a few extraneous characters appended to the end of the actual url, but if people look it is pretty easy to figure out.)


          We just got our first glass toys, and the inaugural test of them was “awesome”.  🙂

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          Masterdym (MG)

            Great article!

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