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      When our new member Leatherman offered to make us a flogger, how could we refuse!  He asked me what I wanted, so I told him that MLP likes thuddy, so make something thuddy.  And holy crap did he make it thuddy!  So guess what showed up on our doorstep today?  And the girls are out of the house!  Must be fate…

      It is made out of bison leather, which is heavy but spongy.  This thing is a beast.

      Technical details: 29 falls approx 1/2″ wide and 20″ long.  It weighs 19.6 oz (0.55 kg).  It is heavy!

      And check out the craftsmanship:

      Couldn’t wait to try it out on my favorite sub!

      Initial impressions (Dom perspective):

      It is heavy but doesn’t really sting like our braided flogger.  It is indeed thuddy.  It swings wonderfully with a heavy impact.  At first I thought it was almost too soft, as she wasn’t responding as she normally would.  But it turns out that instead of sharp stings like I was used to, this flogger has a slow buildup that increases the longer you go.  After a few round she was definitely feeling it and responded very well.  It was also very nice to stroke her with, since it is soft enough to be gently dragged on the skin, but heavy enough to still be felt by the sub.

      The only negatives (only not really): it was heavy enough that my arm/wrist actually got tired and I had to change hands…  To be fair, I did swing it A LOT though.  The only other thing I noticed was that there were lots of tiny bits of leather all over the play area.  The falls are finished on one side and unfinished on the other.  I am guessing the bits occurred due to it being brand new and this will lessen with use.

      Initial impressions (Sub perspective):

      Soooo soft! It felt lovely stroking across the skin, with enough weight on it’s own to feel like a caress. Lighter impacts at the beginning made a delightful deep massage. MPL picked up the pace, with a good rhythmic thuddy feel. Definitely built up over the course of play to pretty intense sensation.

      I liked that it wasn’t stingy except occasionally with a bit of wrap-around. Strokes with the flogger in between impact felt wonderful.

      It left me with a glowing butt, that was still feeling hot an hour later. Will have to update later with whether it leaves bruises or not, as I know with deeper impact play it can take awhile for them to show up.


      So there you have it.  I will report back as we get more experience with it.  But at the moment we are REALLY happy with it.  So if you need a flogger (or any other leather item), stop by KustomKinkLeather on Etsy and check out his stuff, or ask him to make you something custom and you won’t be sorry.


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        That is beautiful! Sounds like it is a perfect addition to your collection. I love mine also. My Master is writing the “technical” part of our review, as He didn’t think “the thingy felt amazing” was quite specific enough. Lol

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          I am so glad you both like the floggers.

          As for the shedding from yours,MPL, it should taper off and stop with use. Leather is usually only finished on the grain with the flesh side left rather rough. With the bison I used for your flogger, the soft flesh side gives the leather more of a spongy feel and gives the flogger more thud and less sting. The flogger is very heavy, but that too adds to the thud. A thinner leather would take some weight off, but will add more sting.

          Thanks again for the glowing review.



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            Is there a website for your products?

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                Just message me if you want something custom made. I can add names, custom tooling, etc. also.

                My other Etsy is



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                Missy (Founder)

                  These floggers look and sound fantastic. I always think it is much more special to have something handmade like this. Some lovely products in your shop too LM. missy x

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                  Leatherman has an etsy store at:

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                    MyPuppet and I are in a long distance relationship and the various whips I own aren’t really suitable for self-use. Also, I didn’t want a painful whip for Puppet, I wanted a stimulating whip: one she could use (especially on breasts and pussy) to arouse herself, to give herself a warm glow not a hot burn. I wanted a “foreplay whip” that would elicit moans of pleasure, not shrieks of pain.

                    I discussed our needs with Leatherman of KustomKinkLeathers and he crafted the ideal implement. The length of fall and grip is perfect for MyPuppet to lie on her back and with quick wrist snaps strike herself sharply between the legs. The blows are stimulating and exciting with just the right amount of sting to spice it up, followed by the caress of dragging the soft suede lashes over the target as she pulls back for the next strike. The psychological effect of literally flogging her pussy and the physical stimulation have her aroused and ready for anything in very short order.

                    Since this is Puppet’s special whip I allowed her to name it and she choose “Flush” becasue that’s the effect it has on her: exactly what we wanted!

                    The craftsmanship and quality of materials are both excellent, the design exactly fills our specialized requirements, and crating and delivery was fast. KustomKinkLeathers has may very nice whips in stock and I would especially recommend them to anyone wanting a custom design.


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