Review of KustomKink Leather Cuffs

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      MPL (Dominants view):

      So after so much success with our custom flogger, I immediately contacted Leatherman to have him make some cuffs for MLP.  He asked a number of questions, and immediately set to work.  As CruelPuppetMaster said, Leatherman’s turnaround time and shipping speed are impressive for custom work.

      So I ordered a matching set of wrist and ankle cuffs, set up to match her existing play collar.  As you can see below, they came out great!

      As you can see they are pretty simple, but that is exactly what we wanted.  Very functional as well.

      All in all, we are very pleased with this purchase.  I can’t recommend Leatherman’s work enough.

      MLP (Submissive’s view): Lovely leatherwork as usual from Letherman. He did a great job getting a nice dark black to match my play collar. Very comfortable to wear!



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